Pallas Textiles Wins Best of NeoCon Gold at NeoCon 2017

Press Release • June 16, 2017

CHICAGO – Pallas Textiles is honored to have received a highly-regarded Best of NeoCon Award at NeoCon® World’s Trade Fair 2017. The Loft Collection earned a Gold Award in the Textiles: Upholstery category. The 28th annual Best of NeoCon® competition, presented by Contract magazine, awards products based on design excellence and innovation.

“We are extremely excited to have received this distinguished honor from our peers and the design community,” said Dean Lindsley, vice president of Pallas Textiles. “The Loft Collection is unique in that it combines time-honored pieces with a variety of edgy, urban aesthetics. It’s not only functional but stylish.”

About the Loft Collection:

Developed in partnership with Pattern Pod, Loft creates environments that are chic yet functional. Loft can be used in virtually any market from contract and hospitality to residential – a stylish collection that offers a new level of performance. Choose from a color palette with a distinctive urban vibe that will excite users and elicit memories of vintage aesthetics. The Loft Collection will be introduced and available to order on June 28, 2017. Loft features five patterns:

  • Coco - Coco blends a variety of yarn textures to capture Chanel’s classic suit fabric. Interestingly, Chanel fashioned her suits primarily for comfort, but became renowned for their sophisticated air. Coco plays up this same dichotomy that is also at the core of industrial design by giving rough urban spaces a chic flair. Coco is offered in a range of rich cosmopolitan color options.
  • Frieze - A functional solid, frieze fabric is a mid-century classic and vintage favorite. Our re-imagined Frieze captures the plush dimensionality of its signature counterpart and adds versatility with a bi-color effect, creating a contemporary palette of modern brights and classic neutrals.
  • Bedford - Traditional Bedford cord fabric is much like a blank canvas – functional and rough around the edges. Inspired by its namesake, Bedford plays up the chunky cotton effect, dimensionality and striping, while injecting bright colors from mid-century pieces often incorporated into loft spaces.
  • Sherlock - A trademark of the legendary Sherlock Holmes, houndstooth fabric was first worn by shepherds in the 1800s and eventually made chic by high fashion and Hollywood in the 1950s. It remains popular to this day. Sherlock injects this utilitarian classic with a touch of glamour through structure, color and pattern.
  • Tartan - Tartan offers a fresh take on conventional plaids by breaking the crisscrossed bands of color with a monochromatic grid, resulting in a pixelated subtle plaid. This revamped, stylish textile is available in a range of sophisticated colors that exudes modern panache.

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