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Introducing Color Capsule No.1

Press Release • November 29, 2023

Enter a world of limitless creativity as we unveil an exciting array of fresh colors for three of our beloved lines: Sandstone, Aphrodite, and Ooh La Lana.

Trends in Textiles: Designs That Reflect and Enhance a Brand

News • September 29, 2023

Discover how the subtle choice of textiles in your space can shape your brand identity and leave lasting impressions.

Introducing the Savoir Faire Collection

Press Release • August 14, 2023

Unlock the language of patience, persistence, and intricate details. Discover the Savoir Faire collection, where creativity meets craftsmanship.

Pallas Textiles is Graded in on Herman Miller Furniture

Press Release • June 26, 2023

Exciting news! Pallas Textiles partners with Herman Miller, simplifying the design process. Pre-tested fabrics now available, enhancing choices and quality.