Introducing Color Capsule No.1

Press Release • November 29, 2023


GREEN BAY, WIS. – Pallas Textiles is delighted to unveil Color Capsule, a thoughtful enhancement of the color narratives tied to iconic Pallas patterns. By augmenting an already diverse array of color stories, Color Capsule aims to further enrich Pallas’ selection of core foundational styles.

Igniting artistic visions with each new capsule, Color Capsule empowers designers to stay at the forefront of design movements and embrace the transformative magic of color.

"We know that color has the power to transcend boundaries and spark emotions," said Dean Lindsley, vice president of Pallas Textiles. "Our Color Capsule represents an ever-evolving journey into the realm of design possibilities, where patterns and colors unite seamlessly and timeless sophistication reigns."

The inaugural Color Capsule by Pallas unveils an array of fresh colors for three of Pallas’s foundational patterns: Aphrodite, Sandstone, and Ooh La Lana. The extensions combine with existing offerings to create a selection of contemporary hues with continuity and depth, providing designers with a breadth of tools and inspiration.

The Sandstone Edit


Discover nature’s artistic process with Sandstone. Echoing rock formations shaped over time, this organic texture mirrors the impact of nature on stone. Its gentle leather-like hand complements spaces with a touch of timeless charm.

Parchment, Antelope, and Sienna create a harmonious palette drawing on the serenity of earthy hues. This capsule brings a natural, organic feel to evoke warmth within any space.

The Aphrodite Edit


Experience the luminescence of Aphrodite, the Goddess of love and beauty. Drawing from her affinity for shimmer and water, this opulent textile carries a smooth glow that enhances any aesthetic. Embrace the enchanting potential of Aphrodite to turn your space into an alluring sanctuary.

Sisal, Chrome, and Eve speak for Aphrodite's glowing, magical essence. This capsule captures the transformative power of Aphrodite through the ambiance of a comprehensive environment.

The Ooh La Lana Edit


Uncover a realm of sophistication with Ooh La Lana. Its palette of heathered colors adds warmth and style to any interior, cultivating an ambiance of refined elegance. The wool blend offers a luxurious experience, engaging the senses with its soft touch.

Petal, Lilac, and Deep Purple convey a sense of romance and luxury. This captivating capsule evokes emotion and opulence within an interior aesthetic.


Color Capsule No. 1

"Our Color Capsules for Aphrodite, Sandstone, and Ooh La Lana elevate the complexity, structure, and cohesion of their color palettes," said Géraldine Blanchot Fortier, designer at Pallas Textiles and founder of Limn & Loom. "Every color enhancement is grounded in a timelessness and sophistication designed to impart long-standing appeal."

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