Industrial interior design reveals – not conceals – building materials, giving classic looks an edgy undertone. It combines time-honored yet contemporary pieces with a range of other aesthetics that are as much about function as style. The Loft Collection evokes this coherence of contradictions by giving chic vintage aesthetics an urban edge.


Bedford plays up a chunky cotton effect, dimensionality and striping, while injecting bright colors from mid-century pieces.


Coco blends a variety of yarn textures to capture Chanel’s classic suit fabric, giving rough urban spaces a chic flair.


Our re-imagined Frieze adds versatility with a bi-color effect, creating a contemporary palette of modern brights and classic neutrals.


Sherlock injects utilitarian yet popular houndstooth fabric with a touch of glamour through structure, color and pattern.


A fresh take on conventional plaids, this stylish textile breaks bands of color with a monochromatic grid to create a pixelated subtle plaid.