Pallas at NeoCon 2021: Discover Advanced Technology, Feel the Design

Blog • October 1, 2021

For the first time in more than two years, we have the opportunity to gather together to physically experience and learn about the latest in contract textiles. We’re excited to safely reconnect with all of you and show you what we’ve been up to at this year’s NeoCon in our showroom, #1181.

Experience Our Newest, Most Innovative Collection

Last month, we launched Techne, a collection of non-woven, digitally printed designs inspired by the visual discourse between art and science. In our showroom, you will be able to experience how Techne echoes the tactility and dimensionality of woven textiles while achieving superior clarity and color saturation through advances in digital printing technology.  Our two new 100-percent silicone bases alongside our hybrid and digitally printed vinyl are best experienced through tactile engagement. You will also be able to see the unprecedented levels of color saturation achieved by digital printing with your own eyes.


Talk Textiles with Our Designer

Geraldine Blanchot Fortier, a frequent collaborative designer for the Pallas brand, will be on site in our showroom to talk all things textiles. NeoCon attendees will have the opportunity to discuss trends in color, what’s new in weave construction, where she finds inspiration and more. We hope you find your inspiration as well being surrounded by Geraldine’s most recent designs as you chat.

Immerse Yourself in Our Other Recent Collections

Speaking of recent designs, we’ve debuted a number of new collections over the past year. We are excited to be back together to provide an immersive experience for each.

The Poème Collection is made up of six textural patterns that exude warmth. With textiles that capture the aesthetic of everything from plush knits to natural jute fabrics, Poème embodies a return to the individual, serene experiences that boost our senses. Slow down for a moment during the show and surround yourself with the lush and relaxing design of this collection.


The Structure Collection offers textiles that each take a foundational structure from architecture, basketry and apparel construction and imbue it with a new level of cachet. Made up of five meticulous weaves that balance form and function, Structure is a timeless collection that evokes inspiration through the beauty of the foundation of classic woven textiles. Experience each pattern’s unique story through the texture of the yarns and visual contrasts throughout.


The Backstitch Collection takes a delicate approach, honoring the arts of sewing, quilting and embroidery. Backstitch features five textiles that are experientially rich in texture and dimension, in a vibrant array of colors. Find inspiration experiencing this collection’s take on the artistic nature of needle crafting.


Welcome Back

At Pallas, one of our greatest pleasures is sharing the world of textiles and fostering a genuine connection in the process. Spaces like NeoCon give us the opportunity to do so. Stop by our showroom this year to chat with designers over a cup of gourmet coffee or stay awhile longer with us for breakfast or lunch. No matter how long your stay, we are excited to once again experience NeoCon with you in 2021.



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