Behind the Design: Techne Collection

Blog • September 23, 2021

Behind the Design: Techne Collection

Artistry. Innovation. Materiality. These three words served as our inspiration as we crafted Techne – a collection of non-woven, digitally printed designs that echo the tactility and dimensionality of woven textiles.

Although technology conjures thoughts of all things digital, its Greek root “techne” means art, skill or craft. The array of designs explores the visual discourse between art and science.

Advanced Technology, Advanced Design

The Techne Collection translates a designer’s vision into a product that has the aesthetic and soft textures of woven products with the color and pattern integrity of digital print.

Advances in digital printing technology created an avenue to print on this diverse group of high-performance materials for the first time. Using this technology, we created unique aesthetics with diverse color stories – from the bright and bold to forward-looking sophisticates. The six designs offer unprecedented levels of color saturation and design clarity.

Six Patterns. Unlimited Possibilities.

The Techne collection contains six distinct yet complementary designs that balance vibrancy with refinement to enhance the aesthetic needs of any space. The variety of the prints emerges from their material as well -- with two 100-percent silicone bases, two silicone hybrid constructions, one digitally printed vinyl and one traditional vinyl.

Arc embodies electric exchange between two points. It’s easy to visualize electric currents traveling over the various color and shapes in purposeful motion. A silicone construction, Arc also includes softer details that are reminiscent of a classic, refined tweed. With a larger scale, this statement pattern can gracefully embolden any space.


Edge pays homage to edge computing: the decentralization of data. Edge feels simultaneously tailored and algorithmic, with squares and rectangles overlaying one another in a repeated pattern punctuated with pops of color. A silicone hybrid textile, Edge is infused with a level of fine textured detail that makes it appear woven. Edge can add rich color to a space or bring in grounding neutrals.


Flux transports us to the inside of a computer. Slightly curved lines pinpricked by dashes of color set the design in motion and evoke the flow of energy through our electronics. A silicone hybrid construction, Flux delivers unique accent colors through its rhythmic graphic design. Flux offers an infectiously positive vibe and brings liveliness to any space.


Origin offers a grounding element for the collection that embodies the roots of the Pallas brand, just as its namesake is the starting point of a technological system. A traditional non-woven vinyl, Origin offers a foundational solid with a subtle glimmer that brings a sense of balance to the bold, graphic patterns in the collection. The pattern comes in a diverse color palette of rich hues and distinctive neutrals that pair perfectly with the other designs in the collection.


Rove is a versatile grounding element that can bring a space together. The pattern is an artistic interpretation of roving frame automation with striking interlaced lines and pointed stitches that offer a finely woven look. Rove is both timeless and fresh, with a subdued, detailed aesthetic and an array of colors on digitally printed vinyl.


Shift represents a step forward for digitally printed textiles. Thanks to its high-performance 100-percent silicone construction, Shift captures the soft subtleties of tweed through a sprightly pattern and a rhythmic interplay of colors. Depending on its color story, Shift can transform into a bold, graphic aesthetic or a refined, classic look. Like so many technologies to which it pays homage, Shift is a pattern that defies the rules.


Welcome to the Digital Age

With bold patterns and previously impossible levels of color and detail, the Techne Collection encapsulates the potential of digitally printed textiles. It demands attention and gives designers endless potential. Through new technology, any artistic vision can be transposed -- and any story can be told.


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