Technology conjures thoughts of all things digital, but at its root means art or craft. This nuance is the inspiration behind Techne, which melds technology and craftsmanship in this digitally printed non-woven collection. Each pattern offers textural details that echo the dimensionality and tactility of woven textiles.

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Bold and graphic, Arc signifies the electric exchange between two points and features a textural detail reminiscent of classic tweed.


Edge toys with geometry, juxtaposing squares and rectangles with bright pops of color on a dimensional faux-woven ground.


A foundational solid with a subtle glimmer, Origin is both dapper and dainty. Its compelling palette features rich hues and distinctive neutrals.


Fresh and fun with colorful detailing, Rove mirrors the intricacies of woven fabric and elevates a classic aesthetic to an intriguing modern look.


Spirited yet refined, this sprightly pattern dances across the fabric through a rhythmic interplay of colors.


Flux seems like it is in a constant state of motion, its multifaceted colors mimicking the flow of energy through electronics.