Textiles in the Digital Age: A Sneak Peek at Our New Collection

Blog • August 26, 2021

For centuries, textiles have evolved alongside humanity being informed by different cultures, regions and resources.

The digital age has changed that process of evolution. How do textiles -- defined by their tactility and materiality -- fit in an era where we spend so much time in a virtual world, where so much of our lives are lived in a pattern of ones and zeroes?

The discourse between art and science, between the tangible and the intangible, is the inspiration behind our newest collection, launching this fall.

A New Generation of Digital Printing

Digital printing has long played a role in fashion and consumer products, but until recently, the contract textiles industry was limited in its use of this technology.

Few suppliers could digitally print on non-woven materials in a way that met the quality, durability and design standards required by contract textiles. Digitally printed vinyl was either cost-prohibitive or exhibited poor print quality. Digitally printed silicone was often milky or washed out.

But over the past few years, the landscape has changed dynamically. Digital print technology is catching up to our visual quality and performance standards.

At Pallas, we’ve sourced a new generation of digitally printed textiles, in 100-percent silicone, silicone hybrid and vinyl constructions. Our suppliers’ technologies achieve superior clarity and exceptional color saturation. They capture the finest of details, allowing us to print striking, realistic textures that mimic woven fabrics.

Artistry. Innovation. Materiality.

We’re excited to share that with our new collection, Pallas will be the first to bring textiles to market using our suppliers’ new technologies. Although digitally printed, the designs maintain the craft and attention to detail that are central to the Pallas brand.

Boasting six patterns, our new collection intertwines the tactile subtleties of art and craft with today’s industrial advances. Each pattern embodies an aspect of modern technology transposed through an artist’s rendering. They capture the concepts and synergies at the heart of technology, from the electric exchange between two points to data decentralization and automated movement.

Together, the designs highlight the timeless role of classic crafts in a world where science and technology reign supreme.

We look forward to sharing the collection with you this September.



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