Behind the Design: Structure Collection

Blog • June 1, 2021

How does a textile capture attention without graphic elements?

One way is through tactility. The weave of a textile can create dimensionality and a rich hand that draws the visitor through sense of touch.

Our newest collection embodies this approach. The Structure Collection reinterprets classic weaves with a subtle, modern twist. Each textile in the collection takes a foundational structure from architecture, basketry or apparel construction and imbues it with a new level of cachet.

In the insights that follow, we share our creative journey behind the fresh, tactile patterns of the Structure Collection as we seek to inspire and captivate with new textile designs. 

Refined Wovens

One of the challenges of designing textiles is finding balance between form and function. That’s especially true in commercial environments, where there’s a need for materials that are easy to maintain and a desire for softer, more inviting aesthetics.

Image Grid 1.jpg

The Structure Collection addresses that niche. All five patterns in the collection are woven textiles with a tactile appearance, which makes them an attractive option for any space. The patterns also have the inherent performance characteristics expected for the various end use applications, thanks to a Crypton finish.


A Handcrafted Look

Each pattern in the Structure Collection is layered with multiple colors that work with the varied motifs to create a sense of movement. 

Image Grid 2.jpg

Essence is the very ethos of the Structure Collection. Characterized by a soft, textural bouclé, this pattern is the quintessential dimensionally-rich textile. For each colorway, the pattern contains three to four layered colors. For instance, Essence Blue Lagoon, is grounded by a charcoal hue with teal, navy and turquoise accents which create a sense of dimension.

Image Grid 4 - Essence.jpg

Basket offers a modern spin on a handwoven basket. The large weave scale and three contrasting yarn colors result in a tactile, distinctive textile that immediately grabs attention.

Image Grid 3 - Basket.jpg

Deflection brings sophisticated texture to any space. Named for its miniature weft deflections that eschew the confines of a grid structure, this pattern invites us to look closely at its heathered fabric. Deflection serves as a grounding element, as if the room were dressed in a fine woolen suit.

Image Grid 5 - Deflection.jpg

Stitch embodies the hallmark of a well-made garment: exceptionally-crafted stitching. Three different yarn colors roll across the textile’s surface -- and add another element of dimensionality.

Image Grid 6 - Stitch.jpg

Mesh offers a unique weave inspired by architectural infrastructure. Bubbly bouclé yarn is threaded through a grid-like structure, creating the appearance of yarn blossoming out over the surface, blurring and softening the grid lines.

Image Grid 7 - Mesh.jpg

Focus on Fundamentals

Intrinsic. Cohesive. Tactile. These three words are the roots of our Structure Collection.

Each pattern balances the form and function intrinsic to timeless architectural structures, works in harmony with the others in the collection and adds an inviting tactility to any environment.

How does Structure inspire you?

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