Form and function are intrinsic to high-quality design and the foundation of a structure, the study of which involves an understanding of these concepts and the relationship between. Each textile in this collection studies the fundamental structures in architecture, basketry and apparel construction—all of which require a sound structural base to create form for function. The final interpretation into a woven textile looks beyond form to reveal the beauty behind each unique structure.

Basket fabric


Basket mimics the interlacing textural form of a handwoven basket, capturing your attention through the varied use of differed yarn colors.

Deflection fabric


Deflection invites you to look more closely at these vibrant heathered fabrics that are reminiscent of a fine woolen suiting material.

Essence fabric


This textural bouclé personifies essence, the quintessential example of a dimensionally rich textile.

Pallas Mesh fabric


Inspired by architectural infrastructure, the unique texture of Mesh is created by threading a bubbly bouclé yarn through a grid-like structure.

Pallas Stitch fabric


Exceptional, perfectly spaced stitching is a hallmark of a well-made garment and the inspiration behind Stitch.