Behind the Design: Poeme Collection

Blog • August 31, 2020

We all take pleasure in the soothing, gentle things in life. Sinking into the couch after a long day. Sipping a warm cup of tea while listening to the rain. Like good poetry, these serene feelings encourage us to stop and revel in the moment.

Meet Poeme. Our newest collection represents a departure from the digital age we live in. It embodies an escape from clutter and a return to individual, tactile experiences that boost our senses.

Textural. Tactile. Intricate. These three words served as touchstones for us as we designed Poeme. An inherently lyrical collection, Poème focuses on the naturally lush materials that arouse emotion because of their intrinsic beauty and make our environment more livable.

Patterns That Exude Warmth

We articulate emotion through poetry. Rich and tactile, these two patterns encourage us to relax and sit with the emotions they evoke.

Sonnet: Sonnet is inspired by the original love poem. It's characterized by an understated plaid design, reminiscent of classic textiles. Just as a sonnet draws out tension between two elements, this pattern juxtaposes its vintage aesthetic with modern colors. Echoing the number of lines in its namesake, Sonnet is available in six yarn colors, from sophisticated neutrals to kaleidoscopes of color.


Lyric: Lyric speaks to the soul with a plush, lofty knit texture that feels like a warm hug. Exceptionally cozy but tough and cleanable, Lyric allows designers to bring an opulent and luxurious style to contract, hospitality and even healthcare environments. Lyric is available in 15 colors.


Natural and Textured

These textured patterns represent the intricacies of crafting the written word:

Ballad: This pattern evokes the melodious arrangement of its namesake with a random interplay of crosshatched, colorful yarn stitches. Ballad captures the uneven tactility of natural fibers like hemp and linen. Durable and fresh, this fabric is classic yet contemporary. Ballad is available in 12 colors.


Ode: Ode takes inspiration from natural, fibrous fabrics like linen, jute and canvas. Crafted with a blend of threads in an arrangement of light and dark tones, Ode offers the viewer unparalleled dimension from afar. Ode brings its intricate texture to life in 15 exceptional colors.


Prose: Juxtaposing colorful geometric shapes within a plaid sequence, Prose creates a loosely embroidered appearance. This cotton-like upholstery offers a delicate and chic spin on a time-honored aesthetic, all with outstanding performance. Prose is available in 11 multifaceted colors.


Carefully Craft Your Space

Poets select words for beauty and meaning and carefully arrange them to elicit a personal, emotional response. Like poetry, design is an intimate art. Designed to be perceived through touch, we invite you to bring tactile comfort and serene emotion to your space with the Poeme Collection.



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