Pallas Textiles - Who We Are

Blog • August 29, 2020

Let’s start with who we are – Pallas Textiles.

Our name derives from Pallas Athena, the ancient Greek goddess of wisdom and handicraft. Athena was the patroness of spinning and weaving.

At Pallas Textiles, we fuse the art of weaving with today’s modern techniques and fibers. Our process results in sophisticated, stylish and timeless textiles that continually evolve in color, pattern and texture.

We also prize authenticity, in everything from the quality of our materials to the sincerity of our people. That’s why we’re launching this blog -- to share the world of handcrafted textiles with you and to foster a genuine connection in the process.

In our forthcoming blog posts, we’ll explore how color, pattern and texture transform spaces. We’ll delve into everything from color theory to pattern selection. We’ll review trends that speak to us and showcase design inspiration to spark ideas.

Above all, we hope to inspire your creativity and craftsmanship. There’s nothing we’d appreciate more.

To learn more about who we are and what we do, we invite you to watch our brand video.


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