Pallas Picks: Fall 2020 Color Trends

Blog • October 5, 2020

The crunch of the red leaves under your feet. The cool breeze cutting through your sweater. Sinking your teeth into a caramel apple. In many ways, autumn is the most tactile season.

Each new season ushers in changes to our natural environment that we reflect elsewhere in our lives. Just as autumn changes the color of leaves, the aesthetics of our fashion and interiors evolve as well.

Below, we delve into this fall’s color trends -- and explore which textiles from the new Poeme Collection and more, embody the textures and patterns of the season.

Deep Blues

Since Pantone named Classic Blue its 2020 Color of the Year, it’s only logical for this hue to have a resurgence in fall color forecasts. Pantone’s autumn and winter forecast included not only this timeless classic but a deep navy called “Blue Depths.”

Deep Blue_960x300.jpg

Deep blue is versatile. Depending on the hue, it can serve as a foundational neutral shade or a more vibrant pop of color within a given interior.

Our picks:

  • Lyric offers elegant neutral blues in Gentian and Ipomea in the form of a quintessential autumn texture -- a cozy knit. The plush fabric is reminiscent of a favorite fall sweater. (Pictured below, left)
  • Equal parts classic and contemporary, Ballad in Azure features a random interplay of colorful textural yarns on a subtly dimensional ground. (Pictured below, left)
  • For a more graphic design, Trek in Vista is distinct, playful and always on the move. (Pictured below, right)


Shades of Gray

Shades of gray dominated runways at New York Fashion Week earlier this year. Gray lends itself to chunky, knit textiles -- a staple for cooler weather.

Gray Sweater Couch_960x.jpg

A true neutral, gray supports a variety of aesthetics. A near-black charcoal creates a dramatic, modern ambiance, while a lighter gray checkered textile evokes a rustic farmhouse vibe.

Our picks:

  • Whatever the shade of gray, Lyric translates it into a luxurious knit. Domino and Noire offer cooler tones -- one light and one dark -- while Acier, Grizzle and Silver tend to the warmer side. (Pictured below, left)
  • Like a subdued version of a bouclé pantsuit, Ode’s dimensional, blended yarn is available in several classic grays: Grit, Ashen, Shade and Ore. (Pictured below, right)
  • Prose puts a modern spin on the comforting fall plaid with lighter gray Newsprint or warmer, darker Felt. (Pictured below, right)

Gray_Lyric Prose_960x300.jpg

Caramels and Tans

In Pantone’s color forecast, it was “Almond Oil.” On the runway this season, it was “almond milk.” As neutrals, caramel and tan shades warm up an environment more than cool-toned grays. They also complement iconic autumn shades like scarlet red and lend themselves to fall textures, like chunky knits and leather gloves.

Whether a lighter cream or the darker tan of cowhide, shades in this color family also embody the “cottagecore” trend that’s taken this year by storm with an appreciation for the countryside, farmhouse and prairie aesthetic -- both in fashion and interior design.

Cottage Core.jpg

Our picks:

  • Supple faux leathers from the Essentials Collection add warmth and sophistication. (Pictured below, left)
  • Inspired by the tactile elements of hemp and linen fibers, Ballad is a perfect textural fit for muted brown Canvas or rich, earthy Grasscloth. (Pictured below, right)

Caramel Tan_960x300.jpg

Rainbow of Reds

Autumn encompasses a range of red hues: bright red-orange leaves, a glass of red wine, a berry lipstick or a pair of leather gloves. Pantone’s color forecast reflects this spectrum, including fiery “Samba” as well as deep “Fired Brick.”

Depending on the hue, red can add a playful pop of color within an interior or serve as a warm accent textile.

Our picks:

  • To incorporate an iconic autumn plaid with an understated vintage touch, try Sonnet in Minium.
  • For a classic, candy-apple red, choose Lyric in Cyclamen for a soft solid or Ballad in Madder for a playful graphic.
  • Find true berry and wine reds with Ode in Berry and Prose in Carmine.


It’s more important than ever to appreciate the small joys in life. We invite you to indulge in all the aspects of autumn that speak to you -- and bring a sense of that comfort to your interiors, too.


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