Pantone’s Classic Blue Through Textiles

Blog • August 30, 2020

Last December, Pantone named Classic Blue its 20th annual Color of the Year.

Pantone’s Color of the Year influences products across fashion, home furnishings and industrial design. Remember millennial pink? One of the most popular shades in recent memory, this color took over merchandise, décor and Instagram feeds. Not many people realize that millennial pink can be traced back to Pantone’s 2016 Color of the Year, Rose Quartz.  

Choosing the color of the year is no easy feat. Pantone’s experts analyze global trends from entertainment and art to travel destinations and socio-economic conditions.

As we reflect on the first half of 2020, Pantone’s pick of Classic Blue last winter seems prescient. The first six months of this year were turbulent and challenging for many. Classic Blue restores a sense of calm and connection.  It’s reliable and dependable.  It acts as an anchor, grounding us and re-centering our thoughts.

Blue has more complex meanings than any other color, taking on several different meanings based on the hue:

Dark Blue – Trust, dignity, intelligence, authority

Bright Blue – Cleanliness, strength, dependability, coolness

Light Blue – Peace, serenity, ethereal, spiritual

At Pallas, we strive to create sophisticated textiles that stand the test of time. Naturally, blues are woven into our portfolio in several ways. Depending on the design direction, Pallas offers blues in a range of hues, solids, textures, and complex mid- and large-scale patterns, in wovens and non-wovens.

Beauty Shots_Blue.png


If you’re using blue as a foundational element, there are several classic blue-inspired solids and near solids that can act as the foundation for more colorful, bold, playful accents. Popcorn/Blue Cheese is a solid with a basketweave construction, which provides subtle depth. Nap/Cobalt also provides a grounded solid.


Options like Cybele/Indigo or Posh/Boutique Blue offer a classic blue feel with light blue accent yarns, giving the pattern more interest while keeping it neutral in nature.

For healthcare spaces or other areas where a non-woven may be a better choice due to a higher level of performance requirements, Pallas offers selections like Arjuna/Kolakolli with its leather-like appearance, the slight sheen of Burnish/Naval or Tech/Lake, a non-woven pattern that gives it the illusion of a woven.

Healthcare Blues_960x300.png


If the intent is to make a statement or add eye-catching accents, Pallas offers several mid- and large-scale patterns in a range of blues.

Awe/Midnight Navy – random overlapping curved lines

Awe_Midnight Navy.png

Nomad – brazen, distinct geometry


Sherlock – classic houndstooth creates an oversized plaid effect

NeoCon 2017_Affina_MyPlace3_Sherlock_900x500.jpg

Trek – vibrant color schemes reinforcing a dramatic sense of movement

Derive_Trek_Cover (1)_960x500.jpg


Texture also plays an important part in defining space. Pallas offers blues in several different constructions to create different aesthetics.

Coco – boucle yarns for a subtle soft nubby hand

NeoCon 2017_Pallas_Affina3 (1)_960x640.jpg

Essentials Collection – plush fabrics and supple faux leathers



Blues provide a fantastic opportunity to play with contrasting and complementing palettes.

Contrasting and complementary recommendations

1. Specify a large scale pattern with a neutral foundation like Ethos/Ocean and Nap/Stone

Ethos Ocean_Nap Stone.png

2. Try tone-on- tone combinations like Aphrodite/Thames and Bedford/Milo for a sophisticated feel

Aphrodite Thames_Bedford Milo_400x280.png

3. Pair different textures like Burnish/Nile and Fuse/Azure to create visual interest

Burnish Nile_Fuse Azure_850x280.png

With its versatility and dependability, Classic Blue is a foundational design element for textiles of various patterns and constructions.

Has Pantone’s Classic Blue made its way into any of your current projects? To explore blue offerings from Pallas Textiles, browse by color group and undertone on our website.

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