Inspirational Textiles with Immersive Narratives from NeoCon 2023

Blog • June 21, 2023

Our showroom at NeoCon 2023 was an immersive experience full of trending textiles and captivating color stories. Explore the design highlights in a recap of our space.

NeoCon has long united the design community and provided a platform for leading brands to showcase innovations that lend creative insight into the world of surface materials, now and into the future.

For those of you who visited our showroom at NeoCon 2023, thank you for spending time with us. We are perpetually inspired and energized by your fresh design perspectives and savor the opportunity to share our own stories with you.

If you were unable to join us in person or simply appreciate a reminder of the themes and stories we featured, we’re pleased to share the following design highlights. You’ll discover our approach to design versatility and personalized inspiration, revelations driven by our newest textiles from Savoir Faire, and stories from our unwavering commitment to sustainability and quality.

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Design Versatility & Personalized Inspo

Among our design goals at NeoCon 2023 was to reveal an immersive experience full of captivating textiles, trending color stories, and detailed tactile elements.

This year, we featured elegant terra cotta, coral, muted blue, and earthy green colors in a variety of textile designs that garnered attention and laid a foundation for the journey through our space.

Purposeful displays and sophisticated vignettes served stories of our innovative approach to the creative process while allowing designers to envision how seamlessly the palettes and patterns could integrate with their own design stories and interior spaces. 

We also introduced moods and musings of curated fabrics for featured color trends. These became a natural source of visual inspiration for the versatility and aesthetic appeal of our fabrics within specific color stories. Tangible and tactile, these enticing displays offered an unexpected means of exploring the potential range and depth of color and texture.


To represent trends in various market sectors, we applied research to identify textiles and other surface materials in hospitality, education, healthcare, and the workplace. The resulting material boards were a menagerie of coordinating textiles, material samples, and lifestyle imagery.


This thoughtful curation offered a comprehensive view of how Pallas Textiles can elevate interior design projects in various market applications.

Unveiling Savior Faire

During NeoCon 2023, we featured an exclusive look at Savoir Faire, our newest, unreleased collection. A French phrase best translated as know-how, Savoir Faire embraces the art of textile design. The collection is a study of patience, persistence, and subtle details. It explores the unlimited potential of materials and embraces the creative process.


Each design in the collection skillfully combines colors and textures and captures the diverse toolbox of options available to interior designers. The distinct designs combine modern relevance with timelessness and can be specified across various applications in multiple markets.

We intentionally developed bold, elegant designs with remarkably refined textural details for a textile collection that is as beautiful as it is functional.

In addition to Savoir Faire, our recently released Lingo Collection, a 2023 HiP Awards honoree, was on full display in our showroom and prominently featured on several pieces of furniture throughout the KI showroom as well.


Commitment to Sustainability & Quality

As humans, we continue to consciously realize the pressing needs of the environment. As a brand, we recognize the impact our company and our industry can have in making the world a better, healthier place to live, work, and play.

This year, we engaged showroom guests in a hands-on experience by inviting them to craft plant pots using repurposed textiles. This allowed our guests to extend their creativity, while also demonstrating the versatility of our textiles beyond traditional applications. It served as a reminder of the endless possibilities that sustainable design offers.


Moreover, we at Pallas Textiles intentionally partner with mills that embrace sustainable materials and manufacturing processes. Many of our textiles use Repreve, a recycled polyester yarn crafted from plastic water bottles. The use of this recycled material keeps harmful waste out of landfills and oceans, reduces our carbon footprint, and enables us to support critical green initiatives.

To represent these ideas, a dedicated display in our showroom highlighted the materials used in our sustainable textiles and their eco-friendly attributes. Some of our favorite sustainable textiles featured in this display included: Prose, Magique, Posh, Nomad, and Pinch Pleat, which are all primarily made from post-consumer recycled polyester; Ooh La Lana which is made from 70% upcycled wool sweaters; Lull which is 100% silicone; and Stippling which is made using upcycled cotton t-shirts. 

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This focus aligns with the growing demand for environmentally conscious design solutions that are both eco-friendly and of the highest quality.

By prioritizing sustainability, we endeavor to reduce our environmental impact while inspiring designers and contributing to the evolution of interior design.

Impressionable Innovations in Textiles

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As industry leaders, we recognize the opportunity to share creative insight regarding our original approach to color. Taking trends that are happening across the gamut of all innovative industries, we infuse this content into our creative process of developing versatile color palettes. In response, our approach has dynamically shifted alongside the market, resulting in timeless classics and fresh new hues.

We hope these distinctive color stories inspired your imagination and captured your attention with inspirational textile designs.

If you were unable to personally experience the immersive ambiance of our showroom, we invite you to embark on a virtual exploration of our space via the link below.



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