2023 Design Trends: Renewable Renaissance

Blog • February 21, 2023

Over the past few years, we’ve observed a fundamental shift in the way interior designers approach their craft.

With a rebirth of renewable materials, designers are more conscientious than ever before with respect to the reverberations of their design decisions. As a result, elements woven into their interior designs are more purposeful for the immediate space as well as forward-thinking to the impending impact on future generations.

In the following design insights, we explore this renaissance of renewable materials by way of sustainable sources and enduring elements, as well as playful palettes with an unexpected juxtaposition of calming tones and energy-infusing hues.

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Sustainable Sources

A timeless trend, the tendency toward more natural materials and organic elements is expanding in nearly every space we inhabit. People crave an intimate connection with the outdoors, and we are seeing a deeper understanding of how it serves us as well as the habitudes we can take to conserve it.

As commercial clients become more mindful of how their material specifications affect the planet, designing sustainably is no longer a trend. It’s a necessary practice.

With preliminary questions of where, how, and why design materials are being sourced, it is as essential as ever for interior designers to create with social equity in mind.

Utilizing daylight, incorporating natural materials, eliminating harmful chemicals like PFAS, and reusing or repurposing items are all undertakings that support social equity – ultimately allowing for a better tomorrow.


Enduring Elements

With sustainability in mind, commercial clients are yet unwilling to sacrifice aesthetics and functionality. In fact, all are necessary aspects to sustain the high-performance requirements of modern interiors.

Designs that are alluring and attractive while meeting the needs of users within a space guarantee longer creative utilization. Such designs also inspire others to shift to a more spirited and feasible design outlook.

We’ve seen this come to life in the form of designers using artful lighting fixtures, durable furnishings, high-performance textiles, and acoustical panels incorporated within architecture. Clients and designers alike also inspire us with inventive re-purposing of existing items or materials within a space.

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Playful Palettes

Inspiring our creative muse, we have also observed a renaissance of sophisticated playfulness—a delightful oxymoron—in color and contrast.

The amalgamation of natural materials like stone, wood, plants, and metals is altogether harmonious with color palettes of calming blues, earthy neutrals, and peaceful greens.

In juxtaposition, the rich, fuchsin tones of magenta from the cochineal beetle or hibiscus flower contrast with the soothing greens of jade or peridot. Together, these create unique tonal depth and eye-catching combinations for discerning yet adventurous designers.  

By evoking emotion beyond a predictable palette with staid tones, these saturated colors offer an exciting sense of optimism, playfulness, and empowerment.

After years of safer minimalistic motifs, designers are boldly breaking away with unfettered personality and character to imbue one-of-a-kind spaces. These striking, audacious color combinations serve as a literal palette for unique personal expression that defines a memorable interior design.


Designs For Days

After years of social and environmental turmoil, we see a yearning for a sense of renewal, energy, and power. What better way to surround yourself with positivity and strength than with the use of organic materials, bright and energetic colors, and thoughtfully sourced design?

We look forward to supporting your creative goals with timeless textiles that satisfy these desires and more.

Contact your dedicated Pallas Textiles design specialist to explore the possibilities.

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