Fan Favorites: Explore Our Top Textiles from 2023

Blog • January 26, 2024

Take a look back at our most acclaimed and beloved textile designs of 2023, revered for their stories and innovations in aesthetics and performance.


As we embark on a new year, we're taking a moment to pause and reflect on the most popular patterns from Pallas Textiles that won the hearts of interior designers in 2023.

From mesmerizing geometric motifs to stunning solids, our top patterns left an indelible mark on the design landscape of the past year. By revisiting these celebrated designs, we aim to capture the commonalities that captivated interior designers throughout 2023 and likewise inspire and ignite your creative spirit.

So join us as we delve into a retrospective journey, exploring the top five patterns—Curio, Sway, Rove, Pinch Pleat, Ethos—that defined our design stories in 2023, which promise to provide a rich tapestry of ideas to fuel your future projects. 


Curio: A Fusion of Artistry & Innovation

At the forefront of our 2023 fan favorites, we present Curio: our unparalleled number-one pattern of the year.

Serving as a textile cabinet of curiosities, Curio unravels the mesmerizing interplay of color and geometry. Unlocking the door to a wondrous assortment of chromatic hues and spirited motifs, this extraordinary pattern invites you to embark on a visual journey like no other. With its intricate design and captivating allure, Curio stands as a testament to the harmonious fusion of artistry and innovation.

Made from 100% phthalate-free vinyl, this remarkable pattern not only captivates with its stunning aesthetics but also ensures a safe and eco-friendly choice for discerning designers.

Curio is part of the Cirque Collection.

Sway: An Evocation of Serene Motion

Among our revered repertoire of patterns, Sway is a captivating contender as the second most popular choice of interior designers in 2023.

Sway gracefully explores the expressive realm of modern dance, seamlessly integrating design elements that serenely undulate across the fabric's surface.

With a harmonious palette ranging from rich jewel tones to sophisticated pastels, Sway conveys a soothing sense of motion, making it a quintessential selection for contemporary interiors.

Its ability to infuse spaces with a tranquil yet dynamic ambiance has garnered widespread acclaim, solidifying Sway's well-deserved status as a beloved choice among designers.

Sway is part of the Via Collection.

Rove: A Vibrant Display of Craftsmanship

Rove makes a striking statement within any interior design project, as evidenced by its top rank in design specifications from 2023.

Crafted of premium, 100% phthalate-free polyvinyl chloride, its variegated details gracefully traverse the fabric's surface, creating a visually captivating effect.

With its fresh and vibrant color detailing, Rove effortlessly captures the essence of woven fabric through meticulously printed textures. As our third most popular designer choice last year, this artisanal pattern elevates classic aesthetics, infusing spaces with an intriguing, altogether modern allure.

Rove is part of the Techne Collection.

Pinch Pleat: Timeless Yet Contemporary

Pinch Pleat is a remarkable woven textile that presents a contemporary take on the classic, tightly stitched pleats traditionally found at the top of decorative curtains, resulting in beautifully voluminous folds.

Its intricate matelassé construction skillfully captures the soul of this characteristic dimensionality. With its understated elegance, Pinch Pleat effortlessly embodies a sense of simplicity while exuding an undeniable air of sophistication.

A truly timeless design, Pinch Pleat definitively secures its spot as our fourth most popular pattern of 2023.

Ethos: Bold Bauhaus Brilliance

Inspired by the innovative and influential Bauhaus masters and their approach to weaving, Ethos creatively captures the essence and spirit of the Bauhaus ideology.

With meticulous attention to detail, this design delves deep into the art and craft of weaving, exploring the intricate interplay of color, structure, and box motion. Every aspect of Ethos is carefully ideated, from its systematic geometry to the arrangement of shapes in an intriguingly irregular fashion.

Available in a dozen vibrant color schemes, Ethos adds style and intrigue to any setting—a natural favorite to round out our top five patterns of 2023.

Ethos is part of the Minim Collection.

A Year of Memorable Design Stories

As we glance back at 2023, we can't help but marvel at the striking symphony of patterns that left a lasting impression within interior spaces.

From the enchanting fusion of geometry and color found in Curio to the bold Bauhaus-inspired dynamism of Ethos, each top pattern tells a unique narrative within the canvas of design. These patterns continue to bring fresh visual appeal to interior spaces while also embodying our brand's commitment to sustainable choices and meticulous craftsmanship.

With great anticipation, we look forward to another year of design exploration and innovation. Here's to weaving new stories through inspiring patterns, continuing toward goals of excellence, and creating spaces that speak volumes about the individuals who inhabit them. 

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