Performing, literary and visual arts are each distinct, yet all depend on rhythm and movement. The Arts are constantly in motion, open to continual reimagination, shifting the boundaries of creativity. Via explores these notions through motifs, textures and threads. A collection that spotlights aesthetics and performance, Via captures the pulse of the arts by way of textiles.


Similar to the impression of action within a work of art, the fragmented lines of Veer interrupt and reroute themselves, contrasting motion with balance.


Sway delves into the expressiveness of modern dance with design elements that serenely undulate across the surface of the cloth.


Bold and interactive, Demi toys with the dichotomy between balance and discord and complements holistic plains and textures.


This striking fabric achieves a classically sartorial aesthetic certain to become an unequivocal classic.


Lull offers a dry-rubbed hand and matte pebble finish in an array of conversational color options.


Flow offers a luminous selection of richly textured hues that play on the ever-shifting effect of light and color.