The Cirque Collection is an irresistible sensory experience featuring high-energy designs and winsome details. A celebration of storytelling, Cirque juxtaposes reverie with reality in an array of brightly colored hues. The collection invokes the imagination, mesmerizing audiences with a mix of textiles imbued with drama. A choreography of color, texture, scale and design proves that with creativity, anything is possible.

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Investigating the cadence of color and geometry, Curio unlocks the door to a wondrous assortment of chromatic hues and spirited motifs.


An enchanting adventure, Magique imbues a touch of a fantasy through subtle loftiness and kinetic dimensionality.


With a mesmerizing mix of mystery and flair, Folie features whimsical motifs that flicker on the cloth’s surface.


Mirroring the contrast between stark pragmatism and wild imagination, Lumiere features both classic essentials and audacious brights.


A breathtaking design extravaganza, Mystere is an epic story told with the language of woven textiles in lieu of words.


Mirroring a time-honored woven textile, Reverie is reminiscent of being lost in a dreamy state by virtue of its twinkling flecks of color.