Pallas Textiles Introduces the Gaia™ Collection

Press Release • October 20, 2016

GREEN BAY, WIS. – Pallas Textiles proudly introduces the Gaia™ Collection. The Gaia Collection pays homage to this Greek Goddess who, according to myth, rose out of Chaos to create the Earth, Sea and Sky. Often referred to as Mother Earth, she filled the void of emptiness within the universe with lyrical landscapes, open seas and expansive skies. Elements of these formations inspired the beautiful, textural and organically appealing patterns of the Gaia Collection.

Yet, it’s characteristics of Gaia’s descendants that highlight each pattern – the luminescence of Aphrodite … the dimensionality of Artemis … the complexity of Cybele. The Gaia Collection can make any environment look ethereal yet grounded.

Composed of five compelling patterns of various scales and textures, the Gaia Collection also honors the namesake Pallas Athena, renowned for her prowess in spinning and weaving. The Gaia Collection includes:

  • Aphrodite – This gorgeous vinyl offers a silky, luminescent appearance worthy of its namesake – the Goddess of Love and Beauty. Born of the sea, it was said she continued a close relationship with all things shimmery and watery. Available in a radiant array of 24 colors.
  • Artemis - Named for the Goddess of Wilderness, Artemis is a tactile non-woven with a visually intriguing woven look with a soft, supple hand. Multiple layers of color offer dimensionality and connect a space. Available in nine intricate colors.
  • Cybele - Named after the Goddess of Caverns and Mountains, Cybele offers a wonderfully complex textural appearance similar to the peaks and valleys of such rugged terrain. A mélange effect is created through the integration of twist yarns, such as a multi-colored boucle yarn, giving the pattern refined dimensionality. Available in 16 mottled colors.
  • Demeter - Aptly named for the Goddess of the Harvest and Grain, Demeter is reminiscent of grain sheaves. This multi-colored textural pattern offers a linen-like hand and subtle richness. Available in a wide array of 14 harvest-inspired colors.
  • Hyperion - This sumptuous chenille is named after the Titan God of the Sun, Moon and Dawn. The faux velvet is as dreamy as it is luxurious. The varied striae create an illusion of undulating movement. Available in 16 exquisite colors.

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