Manufacturer's Alliance Program

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Named for Pallas Athena, Greek Goddess of Weaving, Pallas Textiles offers sophisticated, elegant products that balance high-performance characteristics and environmental responsibilities. Pallas Textiles also prides itself on making smart business decisions – such as forming partnerships with manufacturers who share our commitment to exceptional quality and service.

These partnerships form the Manufacturer’s Alliance Program, which helps simplify the specification of Pallas Textiles upholsteries on products from some of the leading furniture manufacturers. Since all upholsteries offered through these programs are pre-tested and approved, it also helps expedite the manufacturing process, ensuring your customers receive their order on time.

Mutually beneficial, the program offers participating manufacturers the following:

  • Alliance with a fast-growing commercial textile brand
  • Access to a portfolio of upholsteries and panel fabrics that are timeless yet continually evolving in color, pattern and texture
  • Discounted pricing on high-quality products backed by an industry-standard warranty
  • Continuing education on the launch of new collections, white papers, etc.
  • Integrated marketing initiatives announcing and supporting the partnership, including website, social media and public relations efforts
  • Sampling support with online ordering for memo samples

In return, Alliance partners are asked to do the following:

  • Publish press release and/or publicize the partnership on social media channels (can be done in conjunction with Pallas Textiles)
  • Include a listing of the Pallas Textiles name and/or logo with a link to on your website
  • If able, provide a list of graded in Pallas Textiles on your website

To participate in the Manufacturer’s Alliance Program, contact Dean Lindsley at or 920.468.2540.



2017 Best of NeoCon Gold Award, Loft Collection
2016 Nightingale Award, Gold, Gaia Collection
2014 Best of NeoCon Silver Award, Valetudo Collection
Interior Design Best of Year Award-Healthcare Textiles, Valetudo Collection
2013 Best of NeoCon Silver Award, Drift Collection
Gold Nightingale Award, Freehand Collection
2010 Best of NeoCon Gold Award, Entwined Collection

Strategic Partners*

*If you do not see a manufacturer listed here, contact Pallas customer service. Many manufacturers do not have an official “graded in” or “alliance” program but have successfully tested and approved Pallas Textiles on their products.