Latin for health and wellness, Valetudo™ is a collection inspired by the idea that our surrounding environments - whether it’s inside a centuries-old cathedral, underground waiting for a subway or sitting on a park bench - help balance mind, body and spirit.

Taking cues from traditional stained-glass designs and hand-crafted artisan tiles, the Valetudo Collection translates these typical hard-surface patterns into the softness of textiles. The end result is classic yet modern patterns that lend themselves beautifully in any application.


Designing a mosaic is the art of intricately arranging tiles and replicating them, with each unique assemblage reading differently.


This beautiful tessellation of circular mosaic tiles creates a radial pattern of overlapping infill petals. Accents stand out against a monochrome field.


Creation of all artisan tile uses this raw, earthy ingredient. The abstract perpendicular patterning of Terra gives it a soft woven quality.


Trellis is reminiscent of classic treillage patterning. The latticework filters light, harmoniously unifying both contrast and texture.