Inspired by artists and works from the De Stijl movement, the Elemental Collection embraces an abstract, pared-down aesthetic and provides a universal visual language for any interior. Elements of this movement – geometric shapes, straight lines and primary colors – echo in each pattern.


Asymmetric hints at De Stijl architectural elements. Gently curving, intersecting lines of varied thickness give the illusion of movement.


Theo van Doesburg inspired this avant-garde pattern, which leverages varied line weights to create a dimensional perspective.


Harmony seeks to unify space. Intricate, fine details give this pattern the look of a near solid with a slightly graphic appeal.


This pattern plays off Piet Mondrian’s neoplasticism, which finds expression in the abstraction of form and color.


Its sophisticated neutrals and saturated colors allow Utopia to exist within any environment or provide a transition between spaces.