Rootless. Visceral. Wondrous. The French word Dérive means to take an unplanned journey, drifting through new places, letting the landscape and cityscape inspire you. It sums up the sentiment of travel and the sense of wonder that accompanies it. Bold and modern, the Derive Collection celebrates this visceral way of feeding the creative process, weaving stories out of thread. Some patterns are about the journey, while others personify the people who take it.


Inspired by the notion of mindfulness, Drift is a sophisticated and rich visual translation of a moment in time.


This silicone/polyurethane hybrid textile’s random cadence of tints and hues simulates a bird’s-eye view of cityscapes.


The adventurous Nomad pattern speaks to exploration without boundaries. Its brazen geometry is distinct, playful and always on the move.


Rogue is a bold free-spirited pattern that offers adventurous color and simplicity. Suitable for upholstery or wrapped panel applications.


Trek’s dynamic motifs mimic mountains and paths, taking you on a visual journey that meanders through landscape and architecture.


Reminiscent of classic distressed leather luggage, Wander is a foundational textile with the performance characteristics necessary for contract environments.