Pallas Textiles Introduces the Via Collection

News • January 28, 2022

GREEN BAY, WIS. – Pallas Textiles is excited to launch The Via Collection™. Performing, literary and visual arts are each distinct, yet all depend on rhythm and movement. The Arts are constantly in motion, open to continual reimagination, shifting the boundaries of creativity. Via explores these notions through motifs, textures and threads. A collection that spotlights aesthetics and performance, Via captures the pulse of the Arts by way of textiles.


“Our vision with Via was to capture the brand essence with a more visual and graphic perspective,” said Dean Lindsley, Vice President of Pallas Textiles. “From the refined patterns of the matelassé Sway to the intricate details of Brio, the Via Collection responds to the growing needs of our valued clients.”

The collection includes the following patterns:


Brio - Layering color and texture into a painting creates a visual cadence. Similarly, Brio features multifaceted, randomly intertwined yarns that reveal layers of tactility, sheen and dimensionality. This striking texture achieves a classically sartorial aesthetic certain to become an unequivocal classic.


Demi - Demi adds a bold interactive element to the collection. Grounded in the arbitrary artistic process of manipulating spatial composition, its playfully graphic motif toys with the dichotomy between balance and discord. Demi’s interplay of pattern and color complements holistic plains and textures.


Sway - Sway delves into the expressiveness of modern dance with design elements that serenely undulate across the surface of the cloth. From jewel tones to sophisticated pastels, Sway conveys a soothing sense of motion, making it the quintessential choice for modern interiors.


Flow - With a nod to impressionism, Flow offers a luminous selection of richly textured hues that play on the ever-shifting effect of light and color. The natural variation of the lofty bouclé yarn forms layers of depth and plush materiality. Its alluring hand is ideal for spaces that require a hint of je ne sais quoi.


Veer - Visual movement creates the impression of action within a work of art. The fragmented lines of Veer interrupt and reroute themselves, contrasting motion with balance. Its featured chunky thread gives Veer an engaging hand. The pattern explores color in a polychromatic palette of contemporary hues.


Lull - A blank canvas is full of potential. Whether you’re an artist, dancer or writer, it offers a foundation for free creative reign. Lull offers a dry-rubbed hand and matte pebble finish in an array of conversational color options from classic neutrals to deep mineral tones.