Introducing the Cirque Collection

Press Release • June 17, 2022

GREEN BAY, WIS. – Pallas Textiles is excited to launch The Cirque Collection™. Fantastical, emotive, unexpected and immersive, the Cirque Collection is an irresistible sensory experience featuring high-energy designs and winsome details. A celebration of wondrous storytelling, Cirque juxtaposes reverie with reality in a stunning array of brightly colored hues. The collection invokes the imagination and sparks emotion, mesmerizing audiences with an entertaining mix of textiles imbued with drama. An intriguing choreography of color, texture, scale and design proves that with creativity, anything is possible.

“The ethos of the Pallas brand endures with the Cirque Collection,” said Dean Lindsley, Vice President of Pallas Textiles. “Like the recently launched Via and Poeme collections, Cirque tells a story through the visual language of textiles in lieu of words. From the kinetic dimensionality of Magique to the spirited motif of Curio, the Cirque Collection is wondrous, whimsical and winsome.”

The collection includes the following patterns:

Pallas_Cirque_Curio 09_300x200px.jpg

To glimpse the marvels that lie just below the surface, we must learn to engage our imagination. A textile cabinet of curiosities that investigates the cadence of color and geometry, Curio unlocks the door to a wondrous assortment of chromatic hues and spirited motifs.

Pallas_Cirque_Folie 07_300x200px.jpg

A textile imaginarium, Folie features whimsical motifs that flicker on the cloth’s surface. With a mesmerizing mix of mystery and flair, Folie may look like a felted wool textile, but upon closer inspection, reveals a coated digitized design for a truly trompe l’oeil tactile experience.

Pallas_Cirque_Lumiere 06_300x200px.jpg

Mirroring the contrast between stark pragmatism and wild imagination, Lumiere features both classic essentials and audacious brights. Developed to appear like a natural fabric, but suitable for most robust settings, this coated textile infuses Cirque with an organic aesthetic reminiscent of linen.

Pallas_Cirque_Magique 11_edit_300x200px.jpg

An enchanting adventure, Magique imbues Cirque with a touch of a fantasy through subtle loftiness and kinetic dimensionality. A sprightly design that pays tribute to wondrous acrobatics, Magique is offered in a chic range of refined duo tones, fashioning touches of rhythm and color into the Pallas repertoire.

Pallas_Cirque_Mystere 03_300x200px.jpg

A breathtaking design extravaganza, Mystere is an epic story told with the language of woven textiles in lieu of words. The pattern uses layering and transparency to achieve unexpected chromatic combinations in a fiesta of hues that exude drama. Mystere pushes the boundaries of scale, while capturing a winsome sense of sophistication and style.

Pallas_Cirque_Reverie 02_300x200px.jpg

Reminiscent of being lost in a dreamy or musing state by virtue of its twinkling flecks of color, Reverie mirrors a time-honored woven textile and provides a versatile backdrop for the more theatrical designs in the Cirque Collection.