Introducing the Backstitch Collection

Press Release • February 5, 2021

GREEN BAY, WIS. – Pallas Textiles introduces The Backstitch Collection™, which honors the customs of sewing, quilting and embroidery by blending nostalgic techniques with contemporary woven constructions. These modern yet timeless textiles are experientially rich in texture, dimension and performance criteria. The vibrant array of fabrics and colors strike the perfect balance between artistry and innovation.

“Dimensional, textural and colorful really summarize Backstitch,” said Dean Lindsley, VP of Pallas Textiles. “The collection offers us an opportunity to build upon the very essence of the Pallas brand, while connecting with our audience through sophisticated personalized style such as with Stippling. This pattern emulates the artful execution of free motion stitching and lends a hand-crafted look to any space. Backstitch offers refined details and subtle nuances like the finely marled yarns of Selvedge as well as sensible quality.”

The collection includes:

Pallas_Backstitch_Web_Stippling_300x200px.jpgStippling – Stippling is a quilting process that uses free-motion stitching to create a design. This colorful reinterpretation of an organic plaid reveres the artfulness of the stitch in its most basic form. Stippling elicits a sense of nostalgia with its vintage undertone, updated elegance and artful execution.

Pallas_Backstitch_Web_Selvedge_300x200px.jpgSelvedge – This rich, multicolor textured pattern draws inspiration from the rough-hewn edge of loom-woven textiles. Selvedge features a versatile palette that coordinates with classic and contemporary styles. With a finely marled surface and assortment of rich hues, Selvedge effortlessly serves as a foundational material in any project.

Pallas_Backstitch_Web_Crosshatch_300x200px.jpgCross Hatch – Spirited intersecting raised lines create the illusion of shade and provides texture in Cross Hatch. Featuring the uncompromising durability of non-woven fabrics, this unique interplay produces rich tones and distinctive dimensionality. Cross Hatch adds elegance and tactility to a surface that can sometimes be regarded as impersonal or steadfast.

Pallas_Backstitch_Web_Trapunto_300x200px.jpgTrapunto – Italian for quilting, the trapunto method produces a raised design by strategically placing padding between two layers of fabric and embroidering it into place. Trapunto features a minimalistic hourglass design for a stunning, intricate and novel take on this traditionally decorative craft.

Pallas_Backstitch_Web_PinchPleat_300x200px.jpgPinch Pleat – Pinch Pleat is a modern interpretation of the tightly stitched pleats at the top of decorative curtains, creating voluminous folds. It captures this characteristic dimensionality with a woven matelassé construction. Pinch Pleat denotes a sense of simplicity while exuding sophistication.