Since the Middle Ages, Verona has been an important artistic centre, alive with painters, architects and storytellers, even serving as the romantic setting for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Many of the works by these northern Italian masters are now housed in Castelvecchio, a castle turned museum, restored by architect Carlo Scarpa. Inspired by Scarpa’s ability to balance old and new, the Verona Collection embraces the intricate details of spacious architecture and the textural patina of history. The patterns meld refined modernism with organic textures to create dimensional interest and timeless diversity.


Busmanti offers a consistent balance of structure, curvature and complex color.


A highly sophisticated textile, Diago uses light reflection to create dimension which serves as the foundation of this geometric pattern.


The structured yet organic weave of Gridlock is timeless. Gridlock is aesthetically detailed, subtly reflective and intriguingly tactile.


Sillio blends detailed stitching with variegated fibers to create a pattern full of textural dimension.