The Springtime in Paris collection—a collaboration between Janet Hild Design and Pallas Textiles—offers color, texture and pattern that are both whimsical yet elegant, combined with the peace of mind of high-performance attributes.

“Much like the iconic city that serves as its namesake, the Springtime in Paris collection is at once classic yet capricious,” said David White, vice president and general manager, Pallas Textiles.

Each pattern, woven from high-performance and sustainable materials, draws from the lush gardens, busy boulevards and historic architecture of Paris. Warm and welcoming, Springtime in Paris creates an ideal aesthetic for any environment.

Springtime in Paris was designed to balance the rigorous demands of the most challenging environments, featuring bleach clean-ability, stain- and soil-resistant finishes, and moisture resistance, with environmental responsibility through the abundant use of recycled materials.

Le Fleur

Like the rows of a manicured Parisian garden, the abstracted, organic pattern of Le Fleur offers structure while evoking a fresh simplicity.


Luxurious and elegant, this grasscloth-like textured pattern is reminiscent of a leisurely stroll through the streets of Paris.


Dramatic blooms and vivid colors are hallmarks of spring’s classic tulip. Matte and high sheen contrast in this complex abstract pattern.