The Limn Collection draws its name from its meaning, which is rooted in art history. “Limn” is to depict in painting or suffuse in color and light. Much like its eponym suggests, the collection celebrates the craft behind the handmade and captures the brightness of painted color through subtle shade transitions and a selection of vibrant, sophisticated hues.


Alea is inspired by the art of frottage, which obtains random, or aleatory, textural effects by rubbing pastels or charcoal over a dimensional surface.


Evoking a painting technique that focuses on the gradation of tints or shades, Camaieu offers a geometric aesthetic for a fresh change of pace.


Etch mirrors the elaborate textural details of the intricate intaglio technique of traditional etching.


Named after an art form that uses a thick application of paint that makes no attempt to look smooth, Impasto is a subtle stripe with a dimensional appearance.


Mezzo’s leaf shapes were carved into stamps and then applied to fabric with indigo ink, making it the boldest and most delineated pattern of the Limn Collection.


Tint's natural linen look and reversible color balance, make it an essential textile to suit any healing environment.