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    Carte Blanche Collection

    Release Date • September 16, 2008

    Carte Blanche uses unique materials to create dimensional texture and subtle patterns for a fresh take on vertical panel fabrics. Created in conjunction with award-winning designer Sue Ross, Carte Blanche maximizes the use of recycled fibers to create textural and visual effects that excite the hand and the eye. 

    “This collection showcases a new direction for vertical panels,” said Dean Lindsley, vice president of product development, Pallas Textiles. “We’re using very different materials, as much for their recycled properties as for their ability to create dimension and texture. The result is a one-of-a-kind collection with energy and movement, one that creates a stunning yet subtle aesthetic for any space.” 

    “Designers are always looking for something new and interesting, and something that they can connect with,” said Sue Ross, IIDA, CID, CMG, SRDAssociates Color Design Consultants. “With Carte Blanche, we looked at ways that we could do things with panel fabrics that no one had ever done before. We turned to materials and patterns that would help us create depth and visual interest in what is typically a flat medium.” 

    Carte Blanche Fabric Card

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