NeoCon 2022: Find Your Common Thread in New Design Stories

Blog • May 24, 2022

As a designer or specifier, you have a distinct creative process and perspective for your craft. And yet, you may discover your design journey shares a common thread with others on a similar path.

At NeoCon this year, we invite you to celebrate your individual point of view while exploring shared themes among our newest designs and latest inspirations featuring an artistic interplay of patterns, colors and textures. 

Our showroom for NeoCon 2022 will present a curated array of timeless textile designs as well as new and unexpected designs featuring fresh patterns and contemporary colors.

Join us June 13-15 at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago to immerse yourself in all-new textiles and never-before-seen designs, explore color stories with our design team and forge a story of your own through interactive activities.

We're pleased to share a few notable highlights prepared for your visit below. 

Invoke Imagination with the Whimsy of Cirque

Our newest collection, Cirque, is inspired by the juxtaposition of reverie and reality that characterizes storytelling. At our showroom, you will experience high-energy designs that pay tribute to the fantastical, emotive, unexpected and immersive.

With six spirited designs in a stunning selection of bright hues, Cirque offers an entertaining mix of textiles imbued with drama. Displaying winsome details that dance across the surface of the textiles, Cirque embodies a choreography of color, texture, scale and composition that offer intrigue for interior spaces.

We’re excited to debut Cirque at NeoCon, where viewers and dreamers alike can experience this transcendent collection of textiles.

Craft Your Next Color Story with Living Mood Boards

Visitors to our showroom will have the opportunity to explore possibilities through color with our living mood boards. These interactive displays will feature thematic hues and complementary materials to incite inspiration and engage unexpected ideas for color composition and space design.

Our color stories this year will feature grounding elements in foundational neutrals, warm shades with earthy undertones, rich jewel casts with bold personalities, and soothing blue-greens with a calm, cool serenity. 

Engage our color story on a deeper level by discussing the genesis behind our collections with the creative mind who developed them: designer Géraldine Blanchot Fortier. You'll find incredible insights behind her visions to inspire your own creative process. 

Leave Your Mark in Personalized Poetry and Framed Illustrations

At NeoCon, we invite you to share your story by drafting a unique design on our framed story wall. Take a few minutes to illustrate whatever adventure is on your mind. After all, we believe every story is worthy of a frame. 

We also welcome you to join us in the Zoetry lounge on Monday and Tuesday to sit down with a poet who will write a personalized poem just for you. Using old-fashioned typewriters, these poets are skilled in crafting a poetic theme about you or whatever suits your fancy.

With your printed poem in hand, we welcome you to experience the soothing serenity of our Poème Collection in warm color themes throughout our showroom space. These tactile, lush materials are sure to arouse emotion by way of their intrinsic beauty. 


Dive Into the Artistic Process With Via

Find additional inspiration throughout our showroom with the Via Collection, which launched earlier this year and continues to awe in its expression and range.

The patterns of Via embody the movement and progression of story arcs conveyed in performing, visual and literary arts. Through compelling and chromatic displays in our space, you'll see how Via captures the rhythm inherent in the creative process.

The collection seamlessly melds storied aesthetics with an exceptional hand. Explore the six distinct designs of Via which offer new levels of materiality and color stories to our progressive repertoire.


Recharge and Refresh Your Senses

Fuel your imagination at our showroom during NeoCon with a variety of refreshments, from infused lemonade to personal breakfast. Stay for our bistro lunch with a refreshing iced tea and recharge for the remaining sights and delights of the event. 

Find temporary repose in our handcrafted pillows and poufs, featuring our latest textile designs. Custom benches throughout our space also offer opportunities to rest and relax as you speak with our design experts and exchange stories of your latest creative endeavors. 


Weaving Tales Together at NeoCon 2022

We look forward with great excitement to uniting with you in Chicago, where we’ll share connections through storytelling, explore creative pursuits in design diversity and find our common threads.

To schedule a one-on-one appointment during NeoCon with a Pallas team member, click the button below and complete the form. Or, if you are unable to attend NeoCon this year but are interested in a tour of our Chicago showroom on a different date, simply select a date via the form that works best for you!

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