Behind the Design: Via Collection

Blog • February 2, 2022

Artistic expression represents the flow of creativity and imagination. We often see this shared in performance, literature or visual works. Constantly in motion, these art forms are subject to interminable reinterpretation and reimagination, ever expanding the definitions of creative freedom.

This exciting depiction of artistic movement and expression is the inspiration behind our newest collection, Via.

“Being curious, and investigating the intricacies of an art form, is the ethos that fuels creativity and inspires artists to hone their craft in a way that resonates with others,” explains Geraldine Blanchot Fortier, principal of Limn and Loom and designer behind the collection.

“With Via, I was fascinated by the details that make textiles so interesting to me. The collection spotlights rhythm, movement and composition, while exploring the juxtaposition of individual elements that make up a textile, such as weave structure, yarn combinations and color stories. Via highlights those details and how they play off one another to create compelling textile designs.”


Pushing the Boundaries

Compelling, chromatic and conversational, the Via collection brings new levels of materiality and introduces color stories that complement the exclusive textiles within the Pallas repertoire.

“With Via, we were challenged to raise the bar and elevate Pallas' portfolio of complex textures by creating textiles that were far more plush and dimensional, all while retaining high performance in tandem with an artisan feel,” describes Geraldine. “Of course, tactility is composed in many ways, and the diverse range among the patterns within Via creates unique interest. We also desired to infuse the collection with larger scale graphic elements for high visual impact.”

By incorporating rhythmic, curvilinear motifs, Via designs are audacious in more ways than one.

“With Via, we sought an opportunity to elevate the Pallas brand with highly sophisticated constructions as well as distinctive color stories,” states Dean Lindsley, vice president, Pallas Textiles.

“For instance, Via features contemporary colors like jade, dusty rose, honey and bright citron,” Dean notes. “These new lighter hues are infused with gray undertones that ground the colors, allowing for versatility that lends itself to corporate, hospitality, educational and healthcare spaces while maintaining a markedly resimercial flair.”  


Expressions of Movement

Comprised of six distinct patterns, the Via collection embodies artistic freedom. Each design symbolizes a form of creative movement, whether literal or metaphorical.

Brio emulates the artistic process of layering color in a painting to create texture and a sense of movement. The textile features complex performance yarns that randomly intertwine to reveal layers of tactility, sheen and dimensionality. With a striking texture, Brio achieves a sartorial aesthetic that will easily become a classic.


Demi is a bold, graphic pattern that evokes how an artist plays with spatial composition. Featuring a colorful motif of rounded semi-circles and the negative space between them, Demi toys with themes of balance and discord. Constructed with a slub yarn to elevate the hand, Demi offers a less regimented graphic design that complements plain weaves and holistic textures.


Sway evokes the sweeping expressiveness of modern dance. Characterized by raised design elements that undulate across the textile’s surface, Sway quietly but powerfully conveys visual movement while maintaining a sleek look. Whether presented in a jewel tone, sophisticated pastel or complex neutral, Sway maintains its soothing sense of motion, making it an ideal choice for modern interiors.


Flow takes its inspiration from the sense of flickering light and shifting color characteristic of impressionist paintings. The natural variation in its lofty bouclé yarn creates layers of depth and plush materiality. Available in multi-dimensional, richly textured hues, Flow has an alluring hand that can enrich any space.


Veer embodies visual movement through a polychromatic palette of contemporary hues. Characterized by fragmented lines that interrupt and reroute themselves, Veer contrasts dynamic action with stabilizing balance. Texturally, a raised thread gives the fabric an engaging hand and a cotton-like, embroidered appearance. From color to movement, Veer celebrates the spontaneity of the creative process.


Lull represents the unlimited potential of an artist’s blank canvas. A grounding, non-woven element in the collection, Lull offers free creative reign through its array of color options, from mineral tones to neutrals. With a dry-rubbed hand and matte pebble finish, Lull is reminiscent of a writer’s leather journal or a traveler’s suitcase.


Moving Forward as Artists

As a collection that celebrates the union of aesthetics and performance, Via captures the pulse of the artistic process by way of textiles. This collection imbues interiors with the refreshing sense of creative freedom.

How will you use Via to tell your design story?



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