Crafting Brand and Culture in the Workplace

Blog • August 31, 2020

Culture can be a difficult concept to wrap our heads around. It’s deeply rooted in our histories and beliefs. It’s about how we do things and why. It’s what we have in common with other people.

A strong culture has the power to greatly influence us and our surroundings -- and build a tightly knit community in the process.

One tangible example of the power of culture is team sports. When you cheer on your alma mater or favorite pro team, chances are you’re proudly donning the team’s colors. Pulling on that sweatshirt featuring your team’s mascot gives you a sense of community with fellow fans. This connection can even evolve into a linguistic touchpoint, like “Roll Tide” in Alabama or “Go Pack Go” here in Green Bay.

Organizations are also constantly searching for ways to imbue their work environments with their culture and brand. A strong culture fosters connection between coworkers and keeps them engaged with the organization.

The Role of Textiles in Brand and Culture

Think about your first impression when you walk into a room. The color and texture of the fabrics in a room define so much of the aesthetic -- and communicate a great deal to the person entering the space. Custom textiles offer a sophisticated and dynamic way for companies to bring their brand to life in the workplace.

Let’s explore a few ways to integrate your brand and culture into your textiles:

1. Amplify your brand story through color.

If your brand’s color scheme doesn’t match Pallas’s existing colors, our team can custom-dye select fabrics to create the perfect match. We can piece-dye beautiful solids like Popcorn as well as patterned fabrics with multiple hues like Phenomena.

Color matching is an increasingly popular way to infuse an organization’s brand throughout its physical environment. You can see when we worked with Northwestern Mutual and other organizations, we matched elemetns to the exact shades in the company’s logo. The yellow and blue tiles of Northwestern Mutual are sprinkled throughout the space, adding vibrancy and defining the wayfinding from floor to floor.

NML_TattooFlexScreen_detail1 NML_workstations_customworkup2 Sentry_DoniStools_CafeAerialView2 Sentry_ModifiedUnitePanels_ToggleTables_U-SeriesStorage_ModifiedUniversalScreens_Workstations2 Amazon Interior Genius Wall Custom Unite Genius wall curved hallway

2. Leverage your logo.

At Pallas, we can take your organization’s logo artwork and weave it directly into the upholstery. Colleges and universities have historically been ahead of the curve when it comes to this custom solution. It’s an especially popular choice in student unions and athletic venues. Learn more about our custom branding program.

TeaCup_LMU Logo_800x450.png

3. Develop a custom textile application.

If you love one of our patterns but its fabric construction doesn’t meet your needs, our team can partner with textile mills to translate the pattern into a custom application. We recently worked with a hotel customer to adapt our Phenomena pattern into bedding that would hold up to frequent cleaning and laundering.

Anaheim Desert Inn Bedspread 1 Anaheim Desert Inn Bedspread 2

Pallas Textiles_Phenomena 2_Ineffable_960x500.jpg

We can also work with mill partners to customize the content of a textile. Our Popcorn pattern actually originated as a custom application. An eco-friendly brand sought us out to develop a textile with biodegradable materials. By leveraging PET-based fibers and corn-based fibers, we crafted an organic and natural fabric that held true to the company’s values.

Create a Memorable Experience

Custom-branded textiles create a memorable experience for visitors, customers and employees. When done well, custom fabrics create an immediate emotional connection with all who encounter them. They can bring an organization’s brand to life, as boldly or subtly as the spaces command.

If you’re thinking about custom textiles for an upcoming project, we invite you to contact your local Pallas Textiles sales representative for more details.


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