Introducing the Savoir Faire Collection

Press Release • August 14, 2023

GREEN BAY, WIS.Pallas Textiles is excited to launch the Savoir Faire Collection. Craftsmanship is a conversation – a give and take between maker and material that results in art as beautiful as it is functional. The Savoir Faire collection is a study in this language of patience, persistence, and subtle details. It explores the unlimited potential of materials and embraces the creative process. Materials and processes are skillfully combined with care, as if each fiber is akin to an artisan’s single brushstroke.

"When crafting the Savoir Faire collection, the meticulous nuances and intricate textile details gave rise to three distinct yet elegantly affordable product lines," explained Dean Lindsley, Pallas Textiles' Vice President. The collection epitomizes a harmonious interplay between creator and material, resulting in products that seamlessly blend aesthetics with utility. Through adept amalgamation of materials and techniques, each fiber becomes a master artisan's brushstroke, producing a synthesis of beauty and functionality."

The collection includes the following patterns:

Arch Press Release.jpg

Featuring a flowing organic design, Arch offers subdued colorways that add versatility to its more audacious scale. Structured yet plush, Arch contrasts nubby bouclé yarn with tightly woven fine yarn, inviting warmth and texture into any space with its understated opulence.

Press Release - Bend.jpg

Bend demonstrates how skilled craftsmanship behind the scenes leads to an entirely different outcome. Bend’s energetic pattern dramatizes color in an elegant fashion with refined printed textural details reminiscent of a woven fabric. Bend injects levity and poise into any space.

Press Release -Craft.jpg

Craft captures the artisanship of weaving with a heightened level of refined materiality in a classic aesthetic. Developed for both seating and vertical applications, Craft is simultaneously relaxed and confident. The subtle heathered texture is inspired by how nature awakens the senses and provides endless possibilities for unique design styles.

Press Release - Fresh.jpg

A classic leather grain with a sumptuous hand, simplicity and a future-forward focus are at the heart of the design ethos behind Fresh. Fresh draws attention to the beauty and elegance of the most simplistic details, serving as the perfect accompaniment to the more ornate patterns in Savoir Faire.

Press Release - Purl.jpg

Purl offers a woven fabric reminiscent of the knit structure after which it is named. Like a cozy sweater, Purl is inspired by the solace we find in the things we value in our everyday lives. Purl’s tactility and palette nurture our well-being with a sense of comfort.

Press Release - Tilt.jpg

Featuring a deliberate slub detail, Tilt explores the impact of bold design that pushes us outside of our comfort zone in scale and color. The design toys with drama yet pulls us back in quiet moments of restraint with an equal mix of complex neutrals and playful saturated hues.