Introducing the Lingo Collection

Press Release • April 7, 2023

GREEN BAY, WIS.Pallas Textiles is excited to launch The Lingo Collection™. Sophisticated, timeless and approachable, Lingo adds meaning, depth and perspective to its design stories. Throughout every step of the design process, Pallas Textiles subtly conveys its ethos – whether by aesthetic, color or materiality. Pallas Textiles’ work is intentionally timeless, and the result is an intrinsic approachability of thoughtfully designed and quintessentially sophisticated textiles.

“At Pallas our visual language is our very own lingo, highlighting who we are as a brand,” said Dean Lindsley, Vice President of Pallas Textiles. “Lingo is a casual collection created with the intention of warmth and comfort.”

The collection includes the following patterns:

Press Release - Lingo Ample.jpg

Ample reflects the Pallas design process, which explores techniques and materiality that blur the line between form and function. Elegant, precise and versatile, Ample’s tailored appearance takes its cue from the world of fashion. Its duality is a nod to the brand’s commitment to redefining the notion of contract textiles.

Press Release - Lingo Iota .jpg

Iota is inspired by the tactile relationships investigated during the development process. The result is a voluminous textile with a sculpted undertone, featuring a delicate stitch woven with a slub yarn to intensify its dimensionality. Fresh and flexible, Iota provides a multisensory foundation to define any space.

Press Release - Lingo Pivot.jpg

Reimagination is an integral part of creativity. Pivoting in the creative design process presents an opportunity to redefine the Pallas vision and embrace the unexpected. This is the concept behind Pivot, a design inspired by fluidity, which in tandem recognizes the similarity between the design process and today’s hybrid interior spaces.

Press Release - Lingo Sisal .jpg

A brand philosophy embraces a company’s core values and serves as a foundation upon which everything is built. At the core of Pallas lies its foundational elements true to its brand. Crafted with timeless sophistication, Sisal’s organic aesthetic pays homage to the artisanship of handcrafted textiles.

Press Release - Lingo Shear.jpg

Generously textured with a crafted flair, Shear epitomizes the essence of this collection with an air of unassuming timelessness. The first of its kind, Shear appears to be a soft, plush wool yet is uncompromising in the most demanding environments.

Press Release - Lingo  Mode.jpg

Mode is the way something is experienced, expressed or done. Connecting through shared experiences and stories are all things people crave. Relationships and memories are made in person and space plays an emotional role in that process. In fact, the mode in which a textile is experienced is a primary consideration at the onset of every new collection and an extension of the story Pallas continues to tell. With its subdued large-scale pattern, Mode is a sophisticated statement piece.