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Sure to put a spring in your step, Bounce features the textural, inviting look of linen, with the high performance characteristics of a non-woven textile. Made with 100 percent PVC free, non carcinogenic polyurethane, tested at over 100,000 double rubs, Bounce ensures not only looking good, but “feeling good”.

$47.00 / yard

Golden Sun


This color has been discontinued. Limited yardage may be available. Please contact Pallas Customer Service at 800.4.PALLAS for availability.

2 Color(s) 15 Discontinued Color(s)


  • Abrasion resistance is the surface wear of a fabric caused by rubbing and contact with another fabric.

  • Flame resistance is the measurement of a fabric's performance when it is exposed to specific sources of ignition.

  • Crocking is the transfer of dye from the surface of a dyed or printed fabric onto another surface by rubbing.

  • Seam slippage is the movement of yarns in a fabric that occurs when it is pulled apart at a seam.

  • Colorfastness to light refers to a material's degree of resistance to the fading effect of light.

There may be slight variations in color on screen versus actual material. For true color, please order a memo sample.

*Abrasion test results exceeding ACT Performance Guidelines are not an indicator of product lifespan. Multiple factors affect fabric durability and appearance retention. Learn more.


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