Abstract patterning, an alluring hand, and a clever color palette play together in the Feel Good Collection. Designed by Glenn Peckman, this collection creates a feeling of inspiration and positive energy amidst the uncertainty in today’s world. True to its namesake, this collection makes people “feel good.”

“Our aim with Feel Good was to design a collection that enlivens interior spaces and makes them inviting and natural,” said Dean Lindsley, vice president of product development, Pallas Textiles. “This collection achieves these goals with a playful yet refined color palette, creative use of texture and patterns with depth and dimension.”

“In today’s challenging times, it helps to surround ourselves with things that make us feel good,” said Glenn Peckman, designer. “The inspiration for the Feel Good collection was the creative energy of play, and each pattern conveys the feeling of fun and lightheartedness through unexpected textural and dimensional elements. This collection is subtly playful and very comfortable, creating the perfect setting for any environment.”