Provence is a region in the South of France where local artists often draw inspiration from the vivacious colors found in nature. In the 19th and 20th centuries, many world-famous artists converged on the region, drawn by the climate and clarity of light, which is partly due to the Mistral wind that removes dust from the atmosphere, greatly increasing visibility and accentuating color clarity. Provence literally bursts with energy and color.

The Provence Collection captures the energy and color of this region to coordinate with the brighter and more saturated colors of contemporary healthcare design. Each pattern includes clean, sophisticated neutrals as well as punches of rich, dramatic colors such as chocolate browns, deep terra cottas, vintage purples and grassy greens.


Perennial’s palette plays upon the vivid color found in the natural landscapes and the intricate line work of petals and stems.


The pattern’s playful shapes highlight the vibrant experience one has when walking through the market in a small French provincial town.


The pattern’s soft waves and textural details are reminiscent of the mystery and romance often associated with the Provence landscapes.