The Carpe Diem collection is inspired by intermingling hints of sheen and texture, promising new revelations and encouraging us to seize the day and be in the moment.

“Carpe Diem offers high performance luxury, with elegant colors, patterns, and textures,” said David White, vice president and general manager, Pallas Textiles. “Engineered with high performance fibers, finishes and backings, Carpe Diem promises to provide long-term satisfaction even in the most demanding environments, from hospitality to healthcare, corporate to institutional.”

Carpe Diem provides a unique combination of color, texture, and pattern that will enhance any environment, while its high performance finishes, Greenshield, Crypton, and Nanotex, lower life cycle costs by increasing long term satisfaction.


Bonnaroo is a lively, colorful stripe with a rhythmic spirit. Hues mix and mingle, resulting in visual harmony.


Much like the iconic scooter with its sleek lines and fun colors, the Vespa pattern moves. Its sheen creates playfulness and personality.