Exploring Market Trends Through Textiles and Complementary Materials

Blog • July 24, 2023

Embark on an inspiring journey through contemporary design trends that elevate interiors in the hospitality, healthcare, workplace, and education markets.

In previous design insights, we explored our color stories from NeoCon 2023 through the lens of inspirational textiles and the visual cues conveyed through strategic interior design.

And now, we dive deeper into those alluring color stories, as well as refined textures and sophisticated patterns, which are coming to the forefront of contemporary design trends.  

Through market-based research and data-informed color trends, we developed four inspiring palettes to represent the markets of hospitality, healthcare, corporate, and education. These artfully crafted vignettes harmoniously intertwine hues of terra cotta and apricot, deep burgundy and soft blushes, earthy greens and tranquil blues.

Continue along our design journey to discover our purposeful process in curating each market mood. You’ll find a comprehensive and forward-thinking outlook on how colors, patterns, and textures interplay with textiles and complementary materials to inspire and transform interior spaces into visionary works of art.




Pallas Image Crop 3.jpg

The design ethos of the hospitality industry is traditionally characterized by deeply saturated colors, luxurious textures, and sumptuous comfort. We’re finding modern spaces in hospitality are focusing on creating comfortable yet flexible environments with purposeful duality for work and social activities.

With this focus on adaptability, a shift has materialized toward soft neutral tones, elegantly muted colors, and diverse tactile materials. We’re seeing hospitality spaces evolve with a nod to sophisticated versatility while embracing unique elements of nature and these lighter, softer hues. When thoughtfully intertwined, these design trends create spaces that easily accommodate to serve myriad requirements, all while delighting guests seeking respite from home or work with a fresh, uplifting experience.

From our perspective, the chic maroons and earthy greens of our ProseAmple, and Shear textiles perfectly complement natural wood elements and more rustic, organic materials. In combination, they create an authentic and upscale aesthetic that elicits a sense of timelessness in a space.




Pallas Image Crop.jpg

In healthcare, the diverse modalities of patient care are impacting the need for adaptable yet stable, home-like spaces.

The transition between in-person and virtual care, balanced by thoughtful consideration for the needs of all patients, correlates with the soothing, tranquil colors and natural, sustainable design motifs woven into these spaces.

Additionally, a sense of airiness is being introduced into healthcare spaces to support flow and promote a sense of well-being. The use of room dividers, privacy curtains, and softer seating solutions help define space and direct that desired flow.

Soft blues and greens have remained relevant in healthcare, but modern patterns, such as our geometric Curio or the cerulean floral design of Mezzo, partner well with warm neutrals, natural wood, and biophilic elements to holistically evoke a sense of calm and healing for patient-centered spaces.




Pallas Image Crop 2.jpg

While the corporate landscape is continually evolving, there has been a paradigm shift toward hybrid work environments.

These modern workplaces demand a blend of residential comfort and productive focus space, incorporating narratives of work-life balance and overall well-being. A purposeful theme of employee choice and flexibility is becoming more common in today’s office design, fostering an environment that supports individuality and productivity hand in hand.

More frequent use of vertical panels and wall coverings within corporate spaces not only reduces excess noise but also presents an opportunity for organizations to infuse those spaces with vibrant colors and distinctive design elements in support of the desired workplace culture or brand.

Sophisticated textile patterns like our Trapunto and Sway add intricate, intriguing details to an office environment. Anchored by foundational textiles such as Sisal, the bolder graphics of patterns like Demi provide more playful pops of interest. When complemented with biophilic elements from moss walls or ivy thread frames, these textures and patterns create truly home-like spaces that effuse a sense of well-being and happiness for all employees.




Education Crop (1).jpg

Learning thrives in environments where creativity is emphasized. To encourage creative spaces, we’ve seen notable design shifts in the education market.

While bright, colorful spaces are often expected in education, there has been a more strategic approach to inspire creativity in the design of student-focused spaces. A layering of bold graphics anchored by grounding elements of solid colors and textures offers an eye-catching combination to stimulate learning without triggering sensory concerns.

As pops of color continue to play a role, a delightful emergence of muted tones and soft greens and blues permeate various applications throughout schools and colleges, imbuing these spaces with a modern sense of timelessness.

For example, foundational textiles such as Aphrodite or even subtle patterns like Terra or Jaunt become an antithesis to bolder patterns with more calming, relaxing tones. Distinctive patterns like Arc and Shift can be paired with neutral and natural elements to achieve a more holistic approach to the design of educational spaces. In effect, this can nurture a sense of growth and universal support among students and teachers alike.




As we continue to explore market trends and the evolution of color palettes and material textures, we pause. Step back. And look at the beauty that’s emerged from these discoveries.

We are inspired by the people and places that bring these ideas together to create something new. Something different. And something incredibly awe-inspiring.

We embrace the opportunity to share the creative insights we’ve gathered in studying surface material trends across the industries of hospitality, healthcare, corporate, and education. And we’ll continue to listen, respond, and evolve alongside the diverse markets we serve, proudly partnering as a forward-thinking design resource.

In this way, we stand apart in the industry to offer our customers fresh color perspectives and reliable design inspiration, while remaining ever true to our ethos of timeless, authentic, sophisticated textiles.

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