Color Capsule by Pallas: An Aesthetic Edit of Hues

Blog • February 29, 2024

Embark on an enchanting journey with our debut Color Capsule, where curated hues ignite creativity beyond boundaries.


At Pallas Textiles, we recognize that colors are more than mere pigments; they are the essence of artistry. In the pursuit of ceaseless innovation, we proudly introduce Color Capsule by Pallas.

In the dynamic landscape of interior design, where fresh perspectives and timeless elements unlock brilliance, our Color Capsule emerges as your portal to boundless creativity. Comprising carefully curated palettes that transcend temporary trends, Color Capsule gives you versatile building blocks, ensuring enduring sophistication in every project.

Join us as we unveil the design ethos behind our first-ever Color Capsule and discover how these hues will inspire, transform, and elevate your designs.



The Inception of Color Capsule by Pallas

Color is a potent force capable of evoking emotions and shaping perceptions.

Our "color capsule" concept is an ode to this influence, offering designers a curated journey through a realm of possibilities. These capsules are meant to ignite design visions, providing a palette that fosters timeless elegance in any space.

Embracing the transformative magic of color, our ongoing Color Capsules will seamlessly unite our classic patterns and hues, ensuring an everlasting sense of sophistication.

Inspired by the fashion industry's "capsule wardrobe" idea, we reimagined this concept for interior designers with core textiles, representing essential building blocks that endure and complement each other flawlessly.



Explore Color Capsule No.01

Welcome to the unveiling of the Color Capsule No.01—a symphony of fresh colors redefining three of our most beloved lines: Aphrodite, Sandstone, and Ooh La Lana.

Each hue within these color "edits" has been meticulously crafted to evoke emotions and seamlessly integrate into diverse interior designs.

The Aphrodite Edit

Aphrodite, the epitome of love and beauty in Greek mythology, inspires a luxurious textile that exudes opulence, transforming spaces into enchanting sanctuaries of allure and grace.

Within this collection, Sisal, Chrome, and Eve hues capture the essence of Aphrodite, infusing a transformative touch in application. Sisal, with its earthy hues, brings tranquility; Chrome's luminous cool shades complement a variety of styles; while Eve's deep, shimmery blue radiates timeless allure, ideal for creating luxurious and serene atmospheres.


The Sandstone Edit

Sandstone reflects nature's artistic essence, capturing the intricate textures and hues of rock formations that reveal Earth's boundless creativity through its unique layers and patterns.

Within this style, Parchment, Antelope, and Sienna embody earthy tones, cultivating a tranquil and natural ambiance. Parchment evokes a soothing environment; Antelope brings sophistication and adaptability to spaces; while Sienna, inspired by nature's pigments, bestows timeless elegance upon any interior setting.


The Ooh La Lana Edit

Ooh La Lana's heathered colors create a cozy atmosphere, blending warmth and style to elevate interiors with a touch of sophistication.

Within this collection, Petal, Crushed Berry, and Deep Purple encapsulate elegance, adding luxury to discerning spaces. Petal exudes femininity and gentle beauty; Crushed Berry stands out with vibrancy and sophistication; Deep Purple adds richness and timeless refinement to designs.



Unleash Timeless Sophistication

Experience the essence of timeless sophistication and versatility with Color Capsule by Pallas.

From the opulent glow of Aphrodite to the organic hues of Sandstone and the refined elegance of Ooh La Lana, these capsules offer essential building blocks for enduring design narratives.

Embrace the transformative power of color with these inspirational edits, where each hue is a carefully curated brushstroke on the canvas of your design journey. 

Explore Color Capsule No. 01


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