Climbing the Ladder *
Color of Money *
Black & White *
Golden Opportunity *
Neutral Territory *
Reach for the Top *
Climbing the Ladder *
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2x3" Climbing the Ladder * ChipComplete Making Tracks Chain Set
Climbing the Ladder * Memo    

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Application Panels
Content 60% Polyester, 40% Recycled Polyester, (Light Acrylic)
Width 66" W
Seam Slippage Passes ASTM D3597-434, 25 lbs. minimum
Finish/Backing Acrylic
Flammability Class A ASTM E 84
Color Fastness Passes AATCC 8 Dry Crocking, Class 3 minimum, Wet Crocking, class 3 minimum
Tensile Passes Breaking Strength D5034 Grab Method, 35 lbs. minimum
Light Fastness Passes AATCC 16A or AATCC 16E, Class 4 minimum at 40 hours
KI Grade PV1
Making Tracks
* Climbing the Ladder, Color of Money, Black & White, Golden Opportunity, Neutral Territory and Reach for the Top have been discontinued. Limited yardage available.
Please contact Pallas Customer Service at 800.4.PALLAS for availability.

Making Tracks is a very techi-looking vertical stripe, and very untypical in its execution. Hard surfaced and articulate, it is here to work for you.

NOTE: Due to differences in monitor settings, there may be a slight variation in color on screen, versus the actual material. Please refer to physical samples for true color. To order samples, click here or call 800.4.PALLAS.