Designed by Laura Guido-Clark

The On The Dot Collection focuses on the dot form, a symbol of something whole. In ancient times, it represented the calm of the moon as well as the energy of the sun. Dots are round, spontaneous and fun. Its simple form can be used in infinite possibilities.

The collection’s focus on dimension and texture makes On The Dot timeless and sophisticated yet relevant in today’s world. Learn more >

Our knowledge of the ancient art of textile manufacturing fuses beautifully with today's modern techniques 

and fibers, inspiring Pallas Textiles to create upholsteries, panel fabrics, wallcoverings, cubicles and draperies that are timeless yet continually evolving in color, pattern and texture.

Perfect for corporate, healthcare, higher education and hospitality markets. Thoughtfully designed, elegantly woven...Pallas Textiles.

G O   P R O G R A M
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