Latin for health and wellness, Valetudo™ is a collection inspired by the idea that our surrounding environments - whether it’s inside a centuries-old cathedral, underground waiting for a subway or sitting on a park bench - help balance mind, body and spirit.

Taking cues from traditional stained-glass designs and hand-crafted artisan tiles, the Valetudo Collection translates these typical hard-surface patterns into the softness of textiles. The end result is classic yet modern patterns that lend themselves beautifully in any application. Learn more >

Our knowledge of the ancient art of textile manufacturing fuses beautifully with today's modern techniques
and fibers, inspiring Pallas Textiles to create upholsteries, panel fabrics, wallcoverings, cubicles and draperies that are timeless yet continually evolving in color, pattern and texture.

Perfect for corporate, healthcare, higher education and hospitality markets. Thoughtfully designed, elegantly woven...Pallas Textiles.

Valetudo™ Upholstery Collection is part of Goes Not Matches, the first collection of finishes designed to coordinate across multiple surfaces for the healthcare market. In addition to the Valetudo upholstery and cubicle curtains (launched in 2012) collections, Goes Not Matches also includes the 2012 NeoCon Gold Award-winning Vivendi Collection from Mannington Commercial (modular, broadloom and hard surface flooring), CS Acrovyn (rigid sheet) and Clarus Glassboards (architectural glass and healthboards). Learn more >

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