After studying fine arts at UCLA, Linda Thompson became a textile specialist, western division for Knoll International, and traveled throughout Europe.

A few years later, in 1978, she was one of the founders of Sunar-Hauserman, along with Robert Cadwallader and the E.F. Hauserman Co. While the company is no longer in existence, select designs from Sunar’s textile collection are now in the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum archives.

Almost a decade later, in 1987, Richard J. Resch, president and CEO of KI, and Lawrence Ryan, KI board member; –– founded Pallas® Textiles and brought Thompson into the company as its first designer. The textile and wallcovering collections Thompson has since designed for Pallas® have received numerous honors--including Roscoe, IBD, IIDA and Acclaim awards.

For the healthcare industry, Thompson launched the innovative Pallas Cares® textile collections in 1994. And in 1998, they introduced Pallas3™, which received an honorable mention in the prestigious Nightgale Awards Healthcare Product Design Competition.

An acclaimed colorist, Thompson has been a member of the board of the Color Association of the United States for almost 15 years.

Alluvia Marrakesh Zenith
Boxseat Ping Pong Zephyr
Casablanca Regalia
Cha Cha Spell Check  
Helix  Tangier  
Madras Watercourse  
Pallas Cubicle Curtains
Indian Summer Pharamond
Pallas Windows
Linen Mist Mousseline Scrim Tones
Melange Screen Play  
Pallas Walls
Alabaster Matte Earth Paper Sequoia
Bird's Eye Melon Skin Thatch
Classic Washi Patina Thrum Beat
Cocoon Sandpaper  
Dial Tones Screen Door  

<em>From left to right: Marrakesh, Helix, Watercourse, Cha Cha</em>
From left to right: Marrakesh, Helix, Watercourse, Cha Cha
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