Release Date: February 24, 2015

Inspired by the modernist Expressionism movement, the Expressions Collection features an artful blend of patterns and textures imbued with a dynamic energy. With the intensity of expressive colors, the Expressions Collection weaves this energy and vitality with spontaneity, improvisation and process.

As with famous Expressionism paintings, take a closer look at this collection to fully embrace the use of color to evoke emotions, the incredible variety of textures that amplify appearances and the stunning complexity of different designs. These qualities yield a collection full of dynamic possibilities for a wide range of applications.


Subtle striping and variable yarn sizes create this timeless texture. The small-scaled complexity of its woven structure is deceptively simple from afar while yielding a stunningly beautiful field of color.

Whim is available in 14 colorways: Alabaster, Barley, Almond, Chamomile, Paprika, Chili, Plum, Moss, Meadow, Aqua, Ocean, Espresso, Slate and Graphite.


A calm gradation of color evokes a refined pattern. This sophisticated graphic implies subtle movement with a careful restraint.

Abstract Chevron features the following 12 colors: Birch, Goldenrod, Tangerine, Lacquer, Eggplant, Citron, Leaf, Juniper, Sapphire, Sepia, Cadmium and Carbon.


Reminiscent of the gestural brush strokes of an inspired painter, this grand pattern marries artistic spontaneity with thoughtful formation. Its layered circles, shifting colors and playful scale pay homage to true Expressionism.

Spontaneous comes in 13 colors: Ecru, Parchment, Clay, Umber, Henna, Sunset,
Mulberry, Vine, Tidal, Midnight, Earth, Quarry and Flint.


Like a painting on canvas, the beautiful blending of multi-colored stripes suggests the care and quality of handmade design. A work of art in its own accord, this pattern will naturally amplify the appearance of any application.

Painted Stripe is offered in 12 colorways: Titanium, Carbon, Ochre, Persimmon,
Venetian, Amethyst, Meadow, Pistachio, Sea, Cobalt, Walnut and Dusk.

With appeal beyond appearance, the Expressions Collection features the following:

Abstract Chevron, Painted Stripe, Spontaneous and Whim are made of 100% Recycled Solution-Dyed Nylon.

Abstract Chevron, Painted Stripe, Spontaneous and Whim have acrylic backing and are bleach-cleanable (CDC-approved 10:1 water/bleach mix). Rinse the surface with clear water after cleaning and wipe dry.

Abstract Chevron, Painted Stripe, Spontaneous and Whim offer INCASE Crypton¨ Technology, featuring “repel and release” stain and microbial resistance that lasts the life of the fabric.

Abstract Chevron, Painted Stripe, Spontaneous and Whim feature 100% Recycled Repreve¨ Solution-Dyed Nylon. The manufacturing process of Repreve solution-dyed nylon conserves natural resources such as water and energy. In addition, Repreve yarns are certified for recycled content claims through Scientific Certification Systems (SCS).

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