July 8, 2011

GREEN BAY, WIS.Pallas® Textiles introduces its Carpe Diem collection. The Carpe Diem collection by Pallas Textiles is inspired by intermingling hints of sheen and texture, promising new revelations and encouraging us to seize the day and be in the moment. View a short video highlighting the Carpe Diem collection to learn more.

“Carpe Diem offers high performance luxury, with elegant colors, patterns, and textures,” said David White, vice president and general manager, Pallas Textiles. “Engineered with high performance fibers, finishes and backings, Carpe Diem promises to provide long-term satisfaction even in the most demanding environments, from hospitality to healthcare, corporate to institutional.”

Offered in five engaging patterns, Carpe Diem provides a unique combination of color, texture, and pattern that will enhance any environment, while its high performance finishes, Greenshield, Crypton, and Nanotex, lower life cycle costs by increasing long term satisfaction.

Carpe Diem includes 63 SKUs. Patterns include:
• Wonder Wheel. Inspired by the famous Coney Island landmark, Wonder Wheel is a textural geometric Carnivale of fine bouclé, which falls on a subtle pinstripe ground. The motif mirrors the spokes of the wheel, while the glistening lines resemble the New York neighborhood’s magical night skyline. Wonder Wheel is available in 11 colors: Rice, Cumin, Adobe, Mambo, Dusk, Wasabi, Pesto, Paradise, Gunmetal, Cocoa and Iron.
• Bonnaroo. Popularized by a New Orleans R&B giant, the word Bonnaroo translates to “a really good time.” Bonnaroo is a lively, colorful stripe with a rhythmic spirit. Hues mix and mingle, resulting in visual harmony. Bonnaroo is available in 11 colors: Oyster, Desert, Sunset, Mineral, Woodberry, Meadow, Spa, Tropic, Midnight, Blue Ridge and Strata.
• Karaoke. Even though this pattern is just a texture, it’s no wallflower. Karaoke proves it can take center stage with a bold attitude true to every Karaoke star. The duet of chunky recycled bouclé and variegated shine makes this fabric worthy of a standing ovation. Karaoke is available in 14 colors: Rice, Cumin, Red Hot, Copper, Passion Fruit, Plum, Dusk, Avocado, Pesto, Aegean, Cosmic, Cocoa, Iron and Onyx.
• Carnivale. Stripes of color parade through undulating intersecting lines – just as thousands of revelers stream through Rio’s streets during Carnivale. Carnivale is available in 12 colors, Mineral, Kumquat, Tangelo, Mambo, Dusk, Avocado, Cypress, Paradise, Midnight, Latte, Cocoa and Onyx.
• Vespa. Much like the iconic scooter with its sleek lines and fun colors, the Vespa pattern has movement and motion. The sheen of the rayon slub yarn provides this playful fabric with personality. Vespa is available in 15 colors: Rice, Nugget, Copper, Mambo, Zest, Parakeet, Herb, Linen Mist, Sea, Paradise, Cosmic, Smokey Topaz, Cocoa, Pumice and Onyx.

Carpe Diem features Greenshield and Nanotex, incorporating environmentally friendly high-performance nanotechnology that provides permanent spill and stain resistance, as well as Crypton, a specially engineered fabric system with an integrated moisture barrier. Together, these features substantially enhance the collection’s durability. With a moisture barrier that is stain, moisture, mildew, bacteria and odor resistant, Carpe Diem is perfectly suitable for healthcare, hospitality, corporate and education environments.

Carpe Diem seizes sustainability. Karaoke consists of 38 percent post-consumer recycled polyester, 38 percent polyester, 15 percent rayon, eight percent cotton, and one percent nylon. Bonnaroo and Carnivale offer Crypton; Karaoke and Wonder Wheel feature Greenshield; and Vespa includes Nanotex.

About Pallas Textiles
For more than 20 years, Pallas Textiles has collaborated with some of the best-known textile designers to create an impressive portfolio of award-winning collections. Named for Pallas Athena, Greek Goddess of Weaving, Pallas Textiles offers sophisticated, elegant products that are smart, balancing high performance characteristics and environmental responsibilities. Collections include textiles for contract upholstery and panel systems, wall-coverings, textiles for healthcare environments and casements. Pallas Collections are designed to harmonize with the total interior environment and its furnishings. For more information, visit


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