Thoughtfully Designed for Healthcare

The right combination of colors, patterns and textures can help create a supportive environment for patients and their families, instilling a sense of calm and promoting healing.

Well-designed interiors can also establish expectations about the quality of care a facility delivers – such as Kaiser Permanente’s dedication to providing high-quality care and coverage in one place.

Pallas Textiles fuses the art of weaving with today’s modern techniques and fibers into quality textiles and privacy curtains that support the high-traffic use and rigorous cleaning/disinfecting routines of healthcare facilities.

Pallas Textiles has a genuine interest in partnering with Kaiser Permanente on selecting textiles and privacy curtains that reflect a sense of well-being and meet the needs of patients, family and staff.

This extranet is a resource you can use to:

  • Find suitable textiles for all areas of a medical facility, from the lobby to the patient room, the administrative office to the cafeteria and everywhere in between
  • Learn about care and maintenance as well as warranty information
  • Know who to contact with questions or for additional information

Please feel free to reach out at any time to the appropriate regional specialist (listed below) or call Pallas directly at 800-472-5527. We look forward to working with you.


Selected Textiles

Click one of the links below to view the fabrics that are approved for Kaiser projects.

Please note: Any orders tagged as a Kaiser Permanente project will not have the stain repellent finish applied.

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Panel Fabrics Solids/Textures Small Scale    
Cubicle Curtains Solids/Textures Midsize Scale Large Scale  


Textiles Warranty

Pallas warrants that all shipments are in accordance with the textile standards established by the Association for Contract Textiles (A.C.T.). We guarantee satisfactory commercial performance of upholstery fabrics that have been properly installed, maintained and subjected to normal use in a single shift environment for three years from date of purchase.

In the unlikely event our product does not perform to commercial standards, when specified for the purpose intended, properly installed and maintained under normal conditions using appropriate cleaning agents and methods, Pallas will replace said fabric free of charge. We will not be responsible for any labor cost.

Any post treatment of fabrics managed by the customer (after shipment by Pallas) will void this warranty. This warranty applies only to the original purchaser of the fabric.

For extended warranties, please contact your sales representative (listed below).

Cleaning & Maintenance

Proper maintenance of upholstery fabrics permits less frequent cleaning. Maintenance is routine, ongoing care that reduces the build-up of soil on the fabric’s surface and treats spots and stains. Vacuuming with a proper upholstery attachment should be done regularly and thoroughly to remove air-borne dust and lint. Promptly treat spots and stains. Cleaning periodically removes accumulated grime, helping retain a fabric’s original appearance as much as possible. Loose cushions should be turned and rotated to equalize wear and soiling levels. Protective arm covers and head rests should be cleaned to minimize difference between the appearance of these items and that of other exposed areas. Review additional cleaning information.


Pallas Textiles takes a vested interest in what is happening in the healthcare industry aesthetically, environmentally and bacteria/infection prevention. We believe in sharing our insights with Kaiser Permanente to help with interior design and fabric/finish selections. Following are resources you may find helpful.

Featured White Papers

Color and Healing

Being familiar with the meaning of color and its impact on emotions provides the basis to engage in a color dialogue and the way in which color can be used as a powerful tool to enhance the healing environment.

The Evolution of High-Performance Textiles

With so many recent advancements and innovations, choosing the right textile for healthcare applications can be challenging. This paper explores the three elements that collectively define high performance – durability, cleaning and maintenance, and fibers and finishes.


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