For A Clean Ocean


Our Ethos

At Pallas Textiles, our ethos prioritizes:

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Social Responsibility

We embody that by using locally sourced, sustainable materials and fostering domestic production whenever possible. We seek to minimize our carbon footprint and positively impact the environment and communities where we do business.

By upholding stringent quality standards and embracing eco-conscious practices, we aim to lead the textile industry toward a more sustainable future, where environmental stewardship and ethical production are central pillars of our collective progress.


A Collection with a Cause

Finding Ourselves In Good Company

We believe our choices matter and that with each choice we make, we have the power to effect change. That was the initiative behind the In Good Company Collection. Each pattern in the collection is woven with SEAQUAL® YARN containing Upcycled Marine Plastic.


During the design process, we found ourselves collaborating with like-minded organizations, all of which wanted to further the impact this collection could have on our world. To that end, everyone involved committed to donating a portion of the proceeds to the SEAQUAL® FOUNDATION.

The foundation supports SEAQUAL INITIATIVE, which is a unique collaborative community that works with ocean clean-up programs around the world to bring value to the waste they recover.



Together for a Clean Ocean

Recovered waste retrieved from oceans, beaches, rivers, and estuaries follows a process that eventually produces SEAQUAL® YARN which contains approximately 10% Upcycled Marine Plastic and 90% post-consumer plastic from land sources.




Meet Our Team

SEAQUAL® INITIATIVE works with ocean clean-up programs and local communities around the world, raising awareness of the issue of marine plastic and highlighting the heroes working to solve it. This global community operates with a single voice, working together to educate, inform, and raise awareness around the issues facing our oceans and the blue economy.

Pallas Textiles, along with partners Limn & Loom and Valdese Weavers, are proud to be the first companies to pledge charitable support to the SEAQUAL® FOUNDATION.

Pallas Textiles fuses the art of weaving with today's modern techniques and fibers into sophisticated, stylish, and timeless upholsteries.

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Limn & Loom is a materials ideation studio dedicated to crafting creative solutions that bring timeless tactility to interior spaces.

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Valdese Weavers is the leading producer of decorative textiles in the United States for residential and contract markets.


Making a Difference

Together, Let’s Positively Impact Our Planet

By working together in support of the SEAQUAL® FOUNDATION, we’re able to amplify our efforts to make a real difference in the world. Purchasing yardage from the In Good Company Collection actively contributes to ocean clean-up efforts around the globe, helping to restore the health of our oceans and protect marine life for future generations.


Coming Soon

The six patterns of In Good Company are each imbued with materiality featuring lush textures, sophisticated hues, and outstanding performance.


Additional Ways You Can Help

While a portion of the proceeds from In Good Company sales will directly support the SEAQUAL® FOUNDATION, there are other ways to help clean our oceans.

Reduce your plastic footprint, especially single-use plastics.

Recycle as many types of plastic as you can.

Support a local ocean clean-up initiative or similar event.


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