At Pallas Textiles, people are at the heart of everything we do – that’s why we support creating interiors that foster well-being, comfort, and satisfaction. Our design mantra is to devise meaningful textiles made with you in mind, because we know that spaces are defined by the people who use them.

Our Mantra Collection serves as a blank canvas of timeless textures that are innovative yet familiar, made by humans for humans. This collection curates a compilation of versatile colors, material, and patterns that have the ability to evolve with any project.

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Carefully sketched to capture the handcrafted sensibility of natural materials, visually rich, and paired with a delicately tactile hand, Hint’s intricate persona is a nod to its moniker. Using the natural world as a steppingstone for inspiration, Hint transforms a classic aesthetic and reimagines it in an artfully modern way. Curated in a delicate array of harmonious hues that foster the creation of light, airy spaces, Hint is a compelling addition to the Pallas repertoire.


Archetype sets the tone for the future of non-woven textiles, highlighting how technology has progressed to provide in-demand luxurious materiality. As interiors continue to evolve and aesthetics become more important, the tactile experience becomes just as critical. Soft and supple, Archetype’s pebble grain and buttery hand make it a new star player in the Pallas lineup of foundational textiles.


In a continued effort to augment the versatility of our anchor fabrics, Revel joins our silicone family of textiles, adding timeless brights and moody neutrals to an already well-rounded offering. With its undeniable personality and incredible tactility, Revel’s array of lively new shades will level up the energy in any room.


Drawing inspiration from the delicate appearance of patina metal, Nuance features a handcrafted palette of soothing colors. Each shade of Nuance evokes the multisensory details of natural environments, from the subtle grain of bark, to trickling water on a window, to the weathered texture of vintage clay pots. Nuance’s chameleon nature makes it a truly versatile choice.


The textural details of Imbue transform a more traditional design by reimagining it in an artistic way. Celebrating the beauty of nature’s imperfections, balanced striations of dark and light details reflect the varied layers and tempos of the places we reside.


Drawing inspiration from natural dyes and handcrafted materiality, Motto perfectly encapsulates the Pallas brand, celebrating superior craftsmanship and unveiling a new era of tactility. With rich hues, and an iconic distressed leather look, this textile epitomizes design-driven innovation by demonstrating that future-forward engineering and beauty can go hand in hand.